November 2018 Lifestyle Favorites

November 2018 Lifestyle favorites (2)

Hello there, today is all about all of the other favorites that I have that are non-beauty related, which could be a bunch of things or hardly any at all. Like usual, I have not remembered to write things down so I am just going to wing it, which also means that I kind of have no idea how long this post will be but at this moment I am thinking that it won’t be too long.

For your enjoyment here is a fun and festive playlist you can listen to while reading blogmas.

I want to start out by mentioning something that I just touched on last month and that is Pokemon Go. I think I have already mentioned during this blogmas that this has taken over my life and that is because it completely has. I have been loving playing this with my husband and getting out to walk around, this has been a really fantastic thing for us I think.

I have been watching Dancing Queen on netflix recently and I am loving it, I haven’t finished it or anything like that quite yet, but I am finding it rather enjoyable. I love reality tv more than a person ever should.

I am mentioning this again this month because I have seriously fallen back into My Hero Academia because we started watching the newest season. I am super jazzed about it and am really excited about the thought of catching up on the manga.

Is it weird if I say I have really been loving the Christmas tree? Because I have, it’s seriously great and really brightens my day, even though we haven’t decorated because of our cat.

And I think the last thing that I kind of want to talk about is Rex Orange County because I love all of the music, seriously, it’s fantastic and I have been super into it.


And now it is time for my monthly playlist which you can find here, this month I have been really really into the first four songs, I have listened to them far too many times and I just really love them. So give it a listen, if you’re looking for new music or stuff that you already know and love.

I feel like I haven’t really enjoyed many things very much this month to consider them favorites. November wasn’t bad it just wasn’t a particularly great month for me either, so I don’t think I really had a lot of chances to truly enjoy things.

Any random favorites from November for you guys?


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November 2018 Lifestyle favorites (1)


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