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Why November 2018 Was Awesome + Goals

Why november 2018 Was Awesome (2)

Hello there, today is the day that I wrap up to the previous month, which means it is time to talk about November and how I can’t believe that it’s already over. Seriously, these past few months have flown by, I can barely believe that it is December and will be a new year before I know it. Speaking of December, I will be participating in Blogmas once again this year, it will be a challenge especially since I am so far behind on getting a head start, meaning I have pretty much no head start at the time of writing this, but either way I am very excited. So let’s talk about November.

For your enjoyment here is a fun and festive playlist you can listen to while reading blogmas.

November has been a really calm month for me, most months are because, in truth, I am a very boring person. I spend a lot of time at home and work, so I live a boring life.

Pokemon Go has slowly been taking over my life, which is a really nice change of pace if only for the fact that I am getting outside and walking around places a lot more with my husband. It’s just really nice to get moving properly again because I feel like I’ve fallen out of waking and running regularly very badly.

Thanksgiving was nice because of all the food and having some time off, I always love time off because time off is nice and sometimes you just really need some time to relax and not do anything, which is completely what I did on Thanksgiving.

I can’t think of a whole lot of things that have gone on in November, other than I had some weird wrist pain going on for about the last week of November and have gone to the doctor for it, thus far I am still not completely sure what it is but it has stopped hurting. This is also why I am not more ahead on blogmas, but I am hoping to get ahead over this weekend because I am so behind. We will see how that goes.

Now to go over my goals from last month starting with my makeup and skincare no buy, which I did pretty good at first, however, once black Friday rolled around it was like I blacked out and lost my mind, so I am hoping to do better with this.

As for finish my reading challenge I have failed on this one as well, I am about halfway through my final book for the year and am a little bit disappointed that I didn’t finish it by now, but I will be done with this before the new year for sure.

Doubling my Pinterest views didn’t happen either, I think that might have been too big of a goal but at the same time I don’t think it was, I think I was just being super lazy and also keep forgetting about Pinterest.

And my last goal was decluttering my lip drawer which I kind of did, I haven’t had a super in-depth declutter yet but that takes a lot of time and might be a new year.

Now for some new goals for December starting with starting to read Outlander. This book has been on my to read list for far too long at this point and once I finish my reading challenge for the year, I am hoping to start on this one and maybe finish it by New Years, we’ll see though.

Doubling my Pinterest views is coming back because I know I can do this, I just need to focus properly on my social media a little more and I think this will be easy if I do, especially since my views have dropped since I haven’t been so active.

I also want to finish decluttering my closet because it is something that I can do and that I am completely in the right mindset for, so hopefully, this shouldn’t be too hard. At some point, I think I’m going to end up really looking at everything I own but it’s a process for me because it does take a lot of time.

This whole no buy thing isn’t working very well for me, so instead of trying to go on a no buy I have given myself a limit for this month and think that I will be able to stick to it. So, my last goal for this upcoming month is a low buy.

So, overall November has been alright, it’s not my favorite month but it wasn’t a terrible one either. I didn’t quite accomplish as many goals as I wanted to but I tried, I just don’t think I had the best November mentally and that really did me in. So, here is to a great December full of happy memories and crushing goals.

How did November treat you guys?


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Why november 2018 Was Awesome (1)


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