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Review: Too Faced Sugar Cookie Palette Review

Too Facede Sugar Cookie (2)

Hello there, today is all about the Too Faced Sugar Cookie Eyeshadow Palette, which is part of the holiday collection this year, and I am very much excited to use it and review it. I am a bit behind on my regular schedule but that is due to something going on with my wrist, which at the time of writing this I still have no idea what it is, so I will probably talk about that later. For now let’s dive into talking about this cute little palette.

Too Faced Sugar Cookie (1)Today is all about this fun and cute little holiday palette from Too Faced. This is the Too Faced Sugar Cookie Eyeshadow Palette, you can pick this up at places like Ulta, Macy’s, the Too Faced website and probably other places that I am unaware of. I personally picked mine up from Ulta, as I typically do, and it ran me $26.00. This comes with eight different eyeshadow shades in two different pan sizes. So, I think this is a pretty good size for a small little palette.

Too Faced Sugar Cookie (2)

Now, let’s talk packaging a little bit, because that’s just how I do it. This packaging is very Too Faced, having owned about four Too Faced palettes, they do tend to like this kind of tin finish which honestly, I think is really nice. I think that this kind of packaging almost always feels really nice and sturdy, so that is for sure something that Too Faced does really well. I also really like the overall look of the palette, I think it’s really cute and sticks really well to the theming of the palette, though I don’t think it’s very festive I guess that was probably not what they were going for.

Too Faced Sugar Cookie (3)

Something small and that doesn’t really mean anything in the grand scheme of things, but I wanted to point out because it drives me a little bit up the wall. The pans at the beginning are not the same size, I understand that they are meant to be rectangular but they aren’t the same height and it really bothers me. Like I said though it doesn’t really matter, I just had to point that out.

Too Faced Sugar Cookie (4)

Now to talk about these swatches and the eyeshadow itself, the part that everyone really wants to know about. I think that these eyeshadows really swatched beautifully and I think they performed just as well as they swatched.

These shadows do not really kick up a lot of powder, a couple of them are particularly creamy instead, otherwise, I would say they are pretty middle of the road in terms of how powdery they are.

I found that these were really pigmented once applied to the eye but could blend out super easily and blend together really well, I had a really easy time putting together eyeshadow looks when I have used this one.

I found that the wear time on these shadows are also pretty nice, I did notice that my eyeshadows wore off a little bit by the end of the day, but it wasn’t that dramatic of a difference, so I’m pretty content with that.

These are the three looks that I came up with when I whipped this one out, all very easy and very wearable, if I had any complaints about this palette it is that I felt like I couldn’t create but so many different looks, granted it is a mini palette so keep that in mind. Otherwise, I am really happy with how these turned out, they were super easy to apply and very much

I liked this palette and have enjoyed it thus far, I for sure see myself bringing this one out again, especially during December because this is such an easy little palette to use when you are in a rush, which I find happens a lot in December with everything that is going on.

What holiday palettes do you have your eye on?


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Too Facede Sugar Cookie (1)


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