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Review: Lush Cinders Shower Gel

Lush Cinders (2)

Hello there,  today I will be talking all about a Lush Christmas shower gel, which I am very excited to talk about. I think Cinders was the first bath bomb that I ever used from Lush, either that or Northern Lights, but either way, this is one of the first things that I remember. So, let’s just dive in and talk about this very exciting shower gel.

Cinders Shower Gel (1)

Today is all about this little shower gel here, the Cinders shower gel from Lush, this is the smallest size and they range from 3.3oz to 16.9oz and will run you from $9.95 to $32.95. I personally went with the smallest size because I do not have a Lush super close to me, so smelling things is usually just me ordering online and hoping for the best, which often times means that I am buying the smaller sizes of things at first to see if I like them or not, which unfortunately means that I also get things that I don’t like sometimes.
Cinders Shower Gel (2)Anyway, let’s get into this review more properly. This packaging is really standard Lush packaging, this is what all of their shower gels look like and honestly, I kind of like it, it’s very simple and unexciting but it’s very Lush.

Some of the ingredients in this shower gel include organic pumpkin seed oil, maple syrup, cinnamon leaf oil, and Brazilian orange oil just to name a few items that are featured in this festive little shower gel.

Cinders Shower Gel (3)

Let’s talk about the texture of this gel, or consistency I guess? This shower gel is actually pretty thin, which I did not expect entirely. This shower gel is a really vibrant orange color. And the last thing that I want to mention about it is that it separates majorly, I have noticed this problem with a lot of shower gels from Lush recently and I am not sure why it keeps happening.

Now, let’s talk about the scent of this, the part that everyone really cares about. The scent of this is kind of funky but I really like it, I don’t think it would be for everyone though. At first, it smells really like fruit punch, with like a touch of that children’s vitamin scent as you sniff it for longer and eventually it has this slightly smoky and warm scent to it. It’s a really hard one to describe but I think that describes it really well, that and saying that this one is for sure one you should give a sniff the next time you are in Lush.

I really like this shower gel and it really reminds me of the cinders bath bomb from Christmas past, which was super exciting and overall I am really happy with it.

What’s your favorite Lush shower gel?


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Lush Cinders (1)


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