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Lush Holiday 2018 Gift Wishlist

Lush Holiday 2018 Gift Wishlist

Hello there, today I will be talking about all of the Lush gift sets that have caught my eye this year. Yesterday I talked about single products and today I thought it would be fun to talk giftsets. Lush has so many fantastic gift options and for sure have something for anyone on your list, plus they have some of the best wrapping paper, so let’s dive into talking gifts.

Lush 2018 Gifts 1

Fun Guys – $4.95 – This might be my favorite knot wrap from this season, I just think this one is really fun and cute and even a little bit festive, without being too festive.

Dreamscape – $139.95 – Vegan – This is a big boy gift set, it has all sorts of bath products in it so this is for sure not a gift set for someone without a bathtub.

Oh Christmas Tree – $5.95 – This Christmas tree is super cute and fun and pink, I really love it.

Snow Globe – $49.95 – Vegan – This is a fun little mix of products, it has a few bath products, a sparkle jar, and a bar of soap. This also comes wrapped up in a knot wrap which is also a great addition.

Evergreen – $4.95 – This is such a simple little knot wrap that is super festive and really adorable, I love the vibrant colors and the small-ish pattern.

Jolly Holidays – $49.94 – Vegan – I love this tin, I think it’s really adorable so that is for sure part of the reason as to why I picked this one up. This one is mostly bath products but it does have a shower jelly, which is fun.

Snow Flakes – $5.95 – This is another adorable knot wrap, I really love the slightly non-traditional color of this, pink is super fun and snowflakes are really festive.

Golden Wonder – $42.95 – Vegan – Golden Wonder is my favorite bath bomb and usually my favorite giftset of the year, this one looks super cute and fun. It is mostly bath products and a soap.

Christmas Party – $4.95 – I love Santa! Therefore I love this knot wrap, it’s also really bright and fun, so that’s an extra bonus.

It’s Christmas Deer – $59.95 – Vegan – This is a fun gift set and has a pretty decent mix of products, a lot of bath products with a few nonbath products as well.

Snow Fairy – $5.95 -This is another really adorable knot wrap and also a really pink one, which I love, though it doesn’t feel very festive. But I guess not everything has to be festive.

Wow – $389.95 – Vegan – This is a gift that most people probably don’t get and probably won’t gift, but of course I had to include this on the list because it is a monster gift set and basically comes with most, if not all, of the Christmas products. So this one has a lot of bang.

Lush 2018 Gifts 2

Christmas Present – $39.95 – Vegan – This set is really fun and brightly colored, which I really like, this one seems to have an overlying fruity scent palette to it, which I like because I love candy and sweet scents.

Once Upon A Christmas – $19.95 – Vegan – This is such a cute little set, it only comes with a couple of products but they sound like really fresh and fruity scent combo in this one.

Hygge Holidays – $34.95 – Vegan – This scent combination in this box is a great one and sounds really warm and cozy, which I think is the point to this one.

Christmas Party – $25.95 – Vegan – This is another really bright and fruity one, this one would also be fantastic for someone who only has a shower because it does have mostly shower products in it.

Best Wishes – $27.95 – Vegan – This looks like a great little bath set, though it does include a shower gel, this sounds really warm and cozy, with a touch of spice as well.

Sweet Christmas – $13.95 – Vegan – This is a tiny little bath set and a really sweet little combination of products, even if it is only two. This bath combo is also really bright and colorful.

Sleepy – $14.95 – Vegan – if you like the Twilight scent then this one is perfect for you because this is basically just small sizes of two twilight scented products, a shower gel, and a lotion.

Season’s Greeting – $17.95 – Vegan – This is another cute little set, this is for sure good for someone with a shower and a bath as it comes with a bath bomb and a shower gel, which sound like they go perfectly together.

Rosy Christmas – $17.95 – Vegan – This is another good little set but you for sure have to really like the Rose Jam scent because that’s what both of these products are going to smell like.

The Night Before Christmas – $17.95 – Vegan – This looks like a really fantastic little bath bomb set, mostly because I really love both of these bath bombs and think that they are fantastic, so I would for sure recommend this little set.

Joy To The World – $16.95 – Vegan – This is another cute little set is perfect for those with only showers, this comes with a fruity little soap and a really gentle smelling lotion, a great combination for just about anyone.

Little Snow Fairy – $16.95 – Vegan – This is my last small little set that is scent specific if you don’t like Snow Fairy then you will not like this little set because it is sheerly those two products.

Lush 2018 Gifts 3

Deck The Halls – $23.95 – Vegan – This is yet another fun little bath set, this comes with three products that if you mixed them all together would probably create a really fun and fruity scent.

Bang! – $42.95 – Vegan – This is another fun bath set and I think this set would be really great for someone who is looking for fun bath bombs and more of a show in the bath.

Christmas Bathtime Favorites – $89.95 – Vegan – And my last choice is another bath set and this is for sure a larger one, but this comes with a lot of really fun and fantastic bath bombs, so it for sure had to go on this list.

And those are all of my picks which were once again, far too many choices to make for one list probably but I mostly like to talk and I really love to talk Lush, so that is what I did. Also, once again I listed all things being vegan because I expected for something to not be. For a minute I was concerned I had missed something and Lush had just gone vegan, making me really redundant but they do still sell a handful of non-vegan things, so my bad.

Do you love receiving lush gift sets?


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Lush Holiday 2018


2 thoughts on “Lush Holiday 2018 Gift Wishlist

  1. Lush is a must on my wishlist!! Mainy because of Snow Fairy :3 I also love any almondy-scent, like the gold and silver angel bath melt they use to have! But now apparently they’ve recreated it in bath bomb form! Awesome list, hope you get some goodies! 🙂

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