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Lush Holiday 2018 Wishlist

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Hello there, today is all about Lush and Christmas, two of my most favorite things. This is a post that I do every year, you can check out 2017 here, and I really love doing it because even though I do not talk about Lush nearly as much as I once did, I do love talking about it. And while I call this a wishlist I’m not sure that’s what it is, it’s kind of a mix of a wishlist and an overview. So, lets dive in and talk about Lush.

Lush 2018 Singles 1

Puddy Holly – $7.95 – Vegan – I got really excited when I saw this because I really love Holly Go Lightly, which is completely what this is just a redesign, or at least that’s what I thought. This sounds like it smells great, it’s right up my alley but I do not think it shares it’s scent with Holly Go Lightly as it doesn’t sound spicy enough.

Cinders Shower Gel – $9.95-$32.95 – Vegan – This feels like a classic Lush Christmas scent to me, probably because my very first bath bomb from Lush was Cinders. This smell is a little bit odd but I like it, it’s very much warm, spicy and a little bit sweet and fruity, together it smells nice but I don’t think this one will be for everyone.

Gingerbread Man – $8.95 – Vegan – I have such bittersweet feelings about this one personally, mostly because this is a scent that I’ve always wanted from Lush but a product that I will never use. This smells amazing, just like gingerbread, it has a spiciness and a sweetness to it that I really enjoy, this is also a dual product since it is both a massage bar and a dusting powder.

Satsuma – $7.95 – Vegan – I am not much of a soap person myself but the citrus scents always get me and Satsuma smells amazing, very fresh and very much an orange scent. I think it’s really adorable that it looks like a little orange as well.

Snowflake – $9.95 – Vegan – Lush seems to really love their bubble spinners as of recently and I’m not too mad about it, I think they are cute and I think this one is pretty adorable too. This is another product in that citrus family.

Candy Mountain Yule Log – $5.95 – Vegan – This is a Lush classic, this has the Snow Fairy scent to it, so if you like sweet candy-like scents than this one is for you. This has gotten a new look but I really quite like this look too.

Naughty Elf – $7.95 – Vegan – This bubble bar is really adorable and sounds like it probably smells really good too, especially if you like floral scents. It does sound like an interesting combination of scents but I would bet that the jasmine kind of overpowers it.

Plum Pudding – $8.95 – Vegan – I thought that I would hate the smell of this one because I hated plum rain, but this smells so sweet and so tasty, I really loved giving it a sniff in store.

Butter Bear – $6.95 – Vegan – This is the shower jelly form and a new shower jelly at that, so I was super excited and have picked this one up. This one smells really rich and lightly cocoa like, I really love this one. It’s subtle and super cute.

Rudolph – $9.95 – Vegan – This is a jelly face mask, which I actually really like the ones that I have tried. This smells amazing, just like chocolate pudding and is a really adorable mask when you put the little red jelly nose on your nose.

Cranberry Fizz – $7.95 – Vegan – I love cranberry flavor and am super excited about this sugar scrub, I also really love Lush lip scrubs so that is an extra bonus for me.

Festive Friends – $8.95 – Vegan – I love Fun, it’s a really fun and interesting product and it is hands down the best thing to use for shaving if you ask me. This comes with a bunch of different shades and has a really fun citrus scent to it.

Lush 2018 Singles 2

Candy Cane – $5.95 – Vegan – This is a bubble that I was guessing was going to smell like peppermint, mostly because it’s shaped like a candy cane and they have mint products, but this smells like Snow Fairy.

Snowman – $9.95 – Vegan – Speaking of mint, this one is minty scented and really adorable. This is a stacked bath bomb, which really means that it’s two bath bombs in one, which is super cost efficient.

Santa – $9.95 – Vegan – This is another two for one bath bomb and this one is super adorable because it looks like Santa and I really love Santa. This also has a fun scent to it, it smells of sweet cola.

Cheery Christmas – $5.95 – Vegan – This bath bomb is so fun and so not traditional looking because it’s pink, but I love that because it is super fun. This has a really fruity and kind of citrus like scent to it.

Shoot For The Stars – $6.95 – Vegan – This bath bomb feels like such a classic and while I do miss the original design of this bath bomb, I still love the updated version too. This is so bright, glittery and very sweet-scented.

Once Upon A Time – $9.95-$17.95 – Vegan – This is a body lotion and I actually really like them, but I haven’t tried this one. This one is supposed to smell like apples and that sounds really delicious.

Golden Pear – $8.95 – Vegan – This pear-shaped soap is really adorable and the idea of a pear scented product is really interesting, like something they haven’t done before.

Baked Alaska – $6.95 – Vegan – I don’t use a lot of solid soaps but I do love this one, it smells amazing, it’s very much citrusy and very bright. I always loved using this to wash my makeup brushes.

Butterbear – $4.95 – Vegan – This is a really simple bath bomb and a regular line bath bomb that is shaped like a bear. The scent of this one is really subtle and soft, it has a serious cocoa butter smell to it and a slight soft vanilla scent.

Santa’s Belly – $6.95 – Vegan – This shower jelly is so cute and smells so good, this smells like fresh apples and this has fun little stars in it, which is a really cute touch if you ask me.

Snow Fairy – $6.95 – Vegan – This is a jelly bomb, which I have mixed feelings about because some of the ones I have tried have been terrible and others were more like regular bath bombs, I bet this one is really cute though.

Buck’s Fizz – $11.95-19.95 – Vegan – I used this last year and I adore the smell, it is fresh, orangey and really fun to smell. I don’t think body conditioners are for me personally but it smells really great.

Lush 2018 Singles 3

Princess – $9.95 – Vegan – This is the last double bath bomb, this is a cute little princess and she smells like flowers, as one might expect of a princess.

Magic Wand – $8.95 – Vegan – This is another item that I would consider a classic item, this is a fantastic bubble bar and very cute. This smells like cotton candy and is really adorable, plus it’s pink and sparkly which is an extra plush.

Buche De Noel – $12.95-$29.95 – This is a face cleanser that they bring out every single year but somehow it is a product that I haven’t tried, it’s on my list though and it seems like a great one.

Golden Wonder – $6.95 – Vegan – This is my favorite holiday bath bomb every single year, it’s really adorable and a wrapped little gift, this smells amazingly citrusy and fresh and the show in the bath is really fun. Plus, it leaves the water looking like sparkly mermaid water which is pretty cool.

And that is my list for this year, it’s a lot of stuff but I wanted to talk about a lot of stuff, though I didn’t really feel like listing it all even though it was nearly everything. I did list if things were vegan or not because I know there are a handful of things on the Lush website that aren’t vegan and it turns out all of this stuff is vegan. Tomorrow is all about all of the Lush gift sets that I find interesting so stay tuned.

Are you excited about the Lush Christmas stuff?


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Lush Holiday 2018


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