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First Impression Friday: Beauty Bakerie Cake Pop Lippie


Hello there, today I will be doing a first impression on a really new product and that is one of the Beauty Bakerie Cake Pop Lippies. These are very new to Ulta and I believe they have just released them on their website, or are about to, I can’t remember which. Anyway, I am here today to give you my first impression on this lipstick, so let’s dive in and see how it goes.

First Impression Friday Beauty Bakerie Cake Pop Lippie (1)

Today I will be talking about the Beauty Bakerie Cake Pop Lippie Mini in the shade Funnel Cake, which you can pick up at Ulta or from the website directly. These are mini sized and they will run you $14.00, they come with 0.05 oz, which would equate to $300.00 an ounce. I have a small bone that I want to pick though, they have since corrected this issue but when I ordered these lipsticks I was under the impression that they were larger and that was why they were $15.00, turns out they are mini sized. They have updated it but I was seriously grumpy with that.

First Impression Friday Beauty Bakerie Cake Pop Lippie (2)

And while I am on the topic of the price, even if I had known these were mini sized they are ridiculously priced, I would have paid $7 max for these if I had known they were this small, but now I have opened them and got excited about them, so I will be using them and keeping them, I’m just a little bitter about it because they are so small and so expensive. Now we can get into talking about the product itself, instead of me complaining.

First Impression Friday Beauty Bakerie Cake Pop Lippie (3)

Let’s start by talking about the packaging, which you have seen above. I think the box it comes in is too cute and if you get all of the shades it forms a cake layer basically, which is adorable, not that anyone would get all of the lipsticks… maybe. This packaging feels really cheap, it’s the cardboard type, kind of like the Sephora #lipstories if you have seen those. The design itself is very cute though, it has little cake pops all over it and I quite like that, it’s very much true to brand.

First Impression Friday Beauty Bakerie Cake Pop Lippie (4)

Now we should get into talking about the formula, starting with the color, I was very much surprised to see this color when I wore it because Funnel Cake is described as a Matte Mauve Rose and to me this looks more like peach, it’s not super off but not what I was expecting. So, if I were you I might look out for swatched before purchasing.

November 2018 21.JPG

Now for some positives, I think that this lipstick applies really easily and very precisely, it is matte so it does tug the tiniest bit but overall I am happy with how it applies.

The lasting power on this was pretty shocking to me, especially for a lipstick I wore this for about four hours before eating some tacos, and while it didn’t stay perfectly intact after eating, it was still there and reapplying got me through the rest of the day. So, for a lipstick, this has pretty great staying power. The last thing is the smell, which I do not notice any smell really, it just has a faint somewhat generic lipstick kind of scent to it.

Overall, I do like this formula I’m just not sure about the color, and there are a couple of things that I am bitter about, but as a whole I do like this lipstick and only mildly regret paying so much for such a small lipstick. I really need to try these out more to fully decide how I feel about them and if I think they were a waste or not, so keep an eye out for that one.

What are your thoughts on a $14.00 mini lipstick?


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