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Disney Inspired: Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty


Hello there, today is all about Disney which means it is time for my Disney inspired makeup post, which is honestly one of my favorite posts to do every month. Last month I finished all of the main princesses up by doing Moana and this month I racked my brain and couldn’t decide, this just kind of came up accidentally as I started playing around with purples and shapes, then I realized that this might work really well for a certain villain and here we are, talking about Maleficent makeup.

These two are the photos that I ended up choosing for my inspiration for this look, looking at them now I am not sure why these two look so different in terms of warmth and coolness, but they do. I really just wanted images that focused on Maleficent’s face as I was only doing the eye, what a strong and bold eye look she has going on too. So these are the inspiration for the look itself, that I will show you now.

This is the look, I did only use green on part of my face and I was super impressed by this green eyeshadow, it took very little effort with such a light shade. I also would have liked the eyeliner to be a little crisper and maybe peak a little higher, but overall I did really like this look and think it is very Maleficent.

Eyes: Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Various Purple Eyeshadows from Various Palettes, Hud Beauty Emerald Obsessions, Physicians Formula 2-in-1 Eyeliner in Ultra Black, Lorac Pro Matte in Black and Julep Length Matters Mascara.

I kept it pretty simple this month but really interesting I think and I am actually really happy with how it turned out. I always think that I could improve but practice makes perfect, right? So I’m just going to keep playing around and see what I come up with, and for now, I am really content with it.

Should I continue with villains or any character suggestions for next month?


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Disney Inspired


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