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Revisit: Tarte Swamp Queen Palette

Revisit_ Tarte Swamp Queen Palette

Hello there, today I will be going way back and revisiting a palette that I haven’t hear anyone talk about in at least a year and that is the Tarte Swamp Queen Palette. My original post is no longer on the blog, mostly because I didn’t deem it needed on one of the many times I have cleaned up my content, but I do have a look done with it that you can find here.  Last month I talked about the Take Me Back To Brazil Palette, so check that out before we dive into this months revisit.

Revisit Tarte Swamp Queen (1)

This month is all about the Tarte x Grav3yardgirl Swamp Queen Palette, one that has already come and gone, so I did debate not talking about this palette because it is not available for purchase anymore but for the sake of revisits, and going through my collection, I figured it couldn’t hurt. Just remember, you cannot purchase this one any longer, it was limited and was released two-ish years ago.

Revisit Tarte Swamp Queen (2)

When this one was new it retailed for $45.00, came with nine different eyeshadows, a blush, bronzer and highlighter and lastly a brush, so it was a pretty good value if you ask me. This was my first Tarte palette purchase and it was really well loved for a while, I had made some serious dips in some of the pans, especially Sassy Bun and the highlighter was my favorite for a long time and honestly, during this revisit I was reconnected with both of these shades and I am still kind of obsessed.

Revisit Tarte Swamp Queen (3)Let’s jump into the actual review now, starting with the packaging. I think that this packaging is built really well and sturdy, it’s actually some of the best feeling packaging that I have used as it feels really sturdy.  It doesn’t magnetize shut or anything like that so it can open but I don’t find that it does. I also really like the look of the palette, the faux wood look to it is really nice and really different. I like the gator with wings on the front, it’s very much Bunny and I love that, I also really love the message on the mirror, it’s just a small thing but it’s a really nice and sweet touch to this palettes design.

Revisit Tarte Swamp Queen (4)

I also really like the way the pans are laid out in the palette, the face products are decently sized and everything lines up well. I also like that the colors are grouped together so you could make an easy and quick eye look just by picking the row.

The top row features #SFS,  a lovely peachy pink kind of light shimmer shade, followed by Natural Peaches, a light peach matte shade and then Dogman, a dark rust shade with the tiniest bit of sparkle in it.

The second row has Big Baby, your typical light cream shade that is perfect for blending out, cleaning up and setting a primer, next up is Sassy Bun, which is a stunning bright gold shade and the last one in this row is Sippy Sippy, a dark matte brown with the slightest gold glitter in it.

The last row has Haunting, which is a light kind of pink mauve shade, with the slightest bit of shimmer to it, Uncommon which is a cool toned brown shimmer shade and then the last eyeshadow shade is Mancat which is a dark matte brown that leans a little bit into the burgundy range.

Let me talk about the formula of these a little bit before we move onto the face products, these shadows are powdery overall, not so much so that I have a hard time with them but they are powdery, some more than others. Thes shadows are overall really pigmented, they apply really well and they blend out really easily, I didn’t find too much trouble with this palette in terms of application and lasting power.

Revisit Tarte Swamp Queen (5)

Now, let’s talk about the face shades, all of which you can see here, the top is the highlighter in Gator Wings, which is seriously blinding but does have a little bit of fall out, it’s mostly glitter, which I don’t really mind. The blush in the shade Does This Thing Really Work? is a really stunning slightly darker shade, it looks like the perfect winter shade to me, I quite like it. The last thing is the bronzer called Sweet Tea, which I just hate, it’s far too dark for my skin, it’s far too orange for my liking and it’s matte which is the only plus about it for me. I have no problem with either the blush or bronzer formula, I just hate the bronzer color.

These are the three looks that I came up with using this palette to share this time around, all of which are really pretty looks but nothing particularly exciting, I am happy with the results from this palette but not ecstatic.

So, this is the first palette that I have revisited that I have decided to pass along, mostly because I just don’t reach for it as I have all of these shades in palettes that I like more, so I saw no point in keeping this one. I did depot a couple of the shades, the gold one, the orange shade and a the highlighter because I needed those in my life, but everything else I passed on. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think this palette is fine and I don’t have any real issues with this one other than the fact that I do not reach for it, so as I am trying to clear out my collection I passed on this one.

Did you ever try this one out?


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