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2018 Old Navy Black Friday Sale Wishlist

Old Navy Black Friday Wishlist

Hello there, today is all about the upcoming Old Navy 50% off Black Friday sale, they have this sale every year and this is the only sale that I always participate in because it’s 50% off everything. So, because of that I thought that today I would share a little inspiration to get you in the mood for the sale coming up in just a couple of days. Let’s just dive on into my far too many picks for this sale.

Old Navy Black Friday 1

Relaxed Classic Twill Shirt in Black Multi Plaid – Is my first pick, I had to add something plaid because Old Navy is filled with plaid and what better season to rock plaid than the fall and winter time? I don’t think there is. I really love this black base with red, green and white, its very subtly festive.

Printed 3/4 Sleeve Fit & Flare Dress in Burgundy Dot – I knew, dresses might not be your first thought when it starts getting cold, however, I like a good dress and think it can work for all seasons. I really love these dots and the color choices on this one.

Plush-Knit Long Line Open Fron Sweater – All of the shades seem great, I particularly have my eye on Icelandic Mineral, but all of these are pretty. I do own one and I can’t remember which one it is exactly as I haven’t worn it yet, but it’s super soft and I am really jazzed to rock it all winter.

Relaxed Velvet Tee in Ember Red – This is one that I am really attracted to even though I am not sure why, but I just like the way it looks, it’s casual but a little bit fancy and it comes in lots of colors. Plus, I think velvet is pretty on trend right now.

Jersey Elastic Waist Leggings – These are my new favorite leggings, especially for the winter, because these are thicker than your typical leggings and therefore warmer, which is a big selling point in the winter for me. I might have to pick up one or two more before it starts getting really cold.

EveryWear Holiday Graphic Tee – I had to include this one on this list, they have other cute ones but this Santa with a palm tree just spoke to me, so much so that I knew I had to have it immediately and already own it. Too cute.

High-Neck Ruffle-Trim Crepe Top – I think this top is really simple but really cute, I think it would make for a great addition to any wardrobe. Simple and cute.

Ruffle Sleeve Mariner Top in Green Dots – Is almost something that I want to pick up, I already made a large order and here I am, still lusting after things. Anyway, I really like this top, it’s a simple pattern and has the tiniest bit of flair to it with the sleeves being sort of bell sleeved. I think this would be perfect for all of your more casual holiday parties.

Old Navy Black Friday 2

Mid-Rise Pixie Full-Length Velvet Pants in Mauven Gardens – Another velvet item, I’m not sure that I would ever wear these but I do like the way they look and I really love the color of these, it’s very pretty. These seem like a really fun piece to mix in without being too out there.

Mock Turtleneck Sweater in Cream/Navy – This is really simple but there is something about it that I am drawn to, probably the fact that it is navy and cream, plus it’s a sweater and I love sweaters.

Metallic Fair Isle Sweater – I love how traditional this sweater looks while also having a touch of flair to it because it is slightly metallic, I think it is fun.

Open Front Cardi-Coat – This piece makes so much sense to me, it sounds like it would be heavier than a cardigan but still have the casual feel and look of a cardigan, which sounds like a fantastic piece to have in any winter wardrobe, if you ask me.

Slouchy Garter Stitch Turtleneck Sweater – This looks like a very basic and classic piece that I think most people would enjoy. I always love the look of turtleneck sweaters like this one until I put them on, they never look quite right. However, I see a ton of people these look great on and it’s such a nice, simple piece.

Crew Neck Sweater Navy White Dot – I love this sweater! Another really simple piece but that’s most of what I like about Old Navy. This sweater is one that I own, it’s super cozy and it comes in a bunch of different colors and things.

Cozy Crew Neck Sweater – I have two of these, one from last year and one from this year, I am debating another one as well, so it is safe to say that I like this sweater. This sweater comes in a good amount of colors and stripes, it’s super soft and cozy while also being warm.

Mid-Rise Side Stripe Pixie Pant – I love these, I think these are really simple with just a touch of jazz to them and I like that. These side-striped pants are something that I really like the look of and something that I think would add a nice touch to any wardrobe.

Old Navy Black Friday 3

Faux Leather Camera Bag – I love this color, I am always into this color once this time of the year rolls around, it’s just a really great shade for the fall and winter. I also love cross body bags and sometimes a cheaper bag is nice.

Velvet Black Heels – This is the last time I will mention velvet in this post, I just really like the look of it and wish I had somewhere to go that required my to wear velvety heels, but alas I do not. These are really simple and classic in style but I think the addition of pink velvet makes them more interesting.

Bouclé Scarf – I love this color too, this mustard esque color is one of my favorites in the fall. And while I do not know how to properly wear normal scarves, I like the look of this one and can understand that a lot of people still wear them.

Metallic Faux Leather Block Heel Sandals – Honestly, I might just like these because they are holographic, but either way I had to include these in my suggestions because they are amazing.

Sueded Block Heel Boots – This is another pair of shoes that I want but am not sure I would wear them because where would I wear these? I think these are great new years booties, they look really simple but then they have that somewhat subtle bit of glitter, and by bit of glitter I really mean the entire heel.

Rib-Knit Beanie – Another item that I am suggesting based on the fact that I own it, this is a really simple hat and isn’t really anything exciting, but I like it and thought that if your making a purchase, you might need a new beanie.

Faux Suede Classic Sneakers – These are so fun, they aren’t super out there or anything like that but they are fun. These are rather straightforward and they are a great color.

Flannel Blanket Scarf – This is a classic item, something that most people have in their wardrobes but if you don’t, I do really like the look of this one, it’s simple and plaid.

And those are all of my picks for the upcoming half off sale and Old Navy, a good mix of things and probably far too many things, but I love Old Navy and got a little bit excited. I will try to keep myself back next time but we’ll see how that goes.

What Black Friday sales are you excited for?


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