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2018 Holiday Sets I Love

Holiday Sets I Love

Hello there, today I will be talking about all of the holiday gift sets from various brands that I think are worth it or would make an for a great gift option for all of those makeup and skincare lovers in your life. This is kind of a gift guide but also not a super proper gift guide, a nice gentle kick-off to all of the holiday content that is to come. So, let’s dive into the sets that I have deemed worthy to talk about.

Makeup Gift Guide 1

NYX Whipped Wonderful Shadow Set – Is my first pick, I just really love the overall aesthetic of this collection, it’s very cute and it’s very fun. I have picked up a few things as well and they have been pretty great, so I bet this eyeshadow set would be an awesome gift for those getting into makeup or just those drugstore lovers, because this one won’t break the bank.

Kiehl’s Merry Masking Set – I have never tried anything from Kiehl’s but I have heard nothing but good things about the brand as a whole, so I think this little set would be a great way to dip your toe into the brand. I do know there are only face masks in this set, but face masks are fun and sounds look a good starting point for a skincare brand to me.

Atelier Cologne Discover Advent Calendar -This one is something that I want to get my hands on but can’t pull the trigger on because it is the holiday season and I will be buying lots of Christmas gifts, but I think this one would also make a fantastic gift, even if they won’t get to use it as a countdown. I love a few of the fragrances from this brand and I think this is a fantastic way to get to try out various products and scents, while also not completely breaking the bank because this brand is expensive.

Pur The Grinch Beware of Perfection Mask Set – Yes, another face mask set but what can I say? I really like face masks. Pur is a brand that I haven’t hear a lot about and have heard even less about their skincare, but these masks sound great and come in really cute packaging, so I am intrigued and do think that the mask lovers in your life would enjoy this.

Tatcha Obento Box Set – Another brand that I have never tried but have heard nothing but good things about. This brand is also a brand that is a little more expensive, so I think sets like these are an extra great value because you do get to try out so many different products. This set comes with some of their best sellers and things that I have heard about forever so this would be great for any high-end skincare lover that you know.

Winky Lux Cupcake Lip Trio Kit – Winky Lux is a brand that is newer to me but so far I have been impressed with their lip products, so this cute little set had to end up on this list. This comes with three lip products and some serious holiday sparkle, along with a really cute cupcake pouch to tie it all together. They also have a bunch of other fun sets if cupcakes aren’t what you are looking for.

Buxom Party All Night Mini Lip Set – I purchased a couple of different Buxom holiday sets last year and I did not regret it one bit, sure there were a few shades that I wouldn’t use but overall I thought it was really worth it. This one comes with three different products, all of which are fantastic, and various shades so I think any lip lover would love getting this set.

Fresh Sugar Carry On – Now, this is from a brand that I love and a product that I really love. This comes with a tinted lip treatment that I really love, a lip balm that I have never tried and an advanced lip treatment that I am itching to try out. These are all small sizes but a fantastic pick for anyone with dry lips this season.

Makeup Gift Guide 2

Huda Beauty Obsession Eyeshadow Palette – Especially the gemstone ones, I think those ones are extra perfect for gifts, mostly because I think they are really cute and I like the kind of single color, color palette that they have going on. Amethyst has my name on it.

Laneige Kiss and Makeup Set – I love the Laneige lip sleeping mask and this is exactly what this set it focused on, it’s just a bunch of different scents of the lip sleeping mask, which is super moisturizing and a lot of the time I just use throughout the day as well. Another set that would be perfect for those dry skinned people in your life.

Milk Makeup Meet The Fam Set – Is another one that has my name on it. Milk Makeup seems to be a well-loved brand and one of those brands that is very simple, sleek and easy, or at least that seems to be what they aim for. This little set has a really great mix of products if you ask me, it has some makeup and some skincare picks, which is the kind of set that I really love.

Drunk Elephant T.L.C Sukari Babyfacial Mini – This is a cult favorite and I can completely understand why, this stuff is amazing and honestly, I might have to pick up the mini set before the season is over, we will see. But anyway, this is a great value for a very expensive product that you want to try and any skincare lover would love to get this set.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Jelly Tote Set – The watermelon sleeping mask from this brand is really a fantastic product and I am a big fan of this, so I think this would be a fantastic gift for getting to try out the whole watermelon range, especially for someone who has been thinking about trying this one out.

Kopari Beauty Besties Set – This is a brand that is newer to me and I haven’t tried yet, though I do own one product from them, I am just waiting to use something else up before I start in on that one. Anyway, I’ve been hearing so many good things about this brand recently that I had to include this set because it’s a great mix of products and a really easy way to try things out.

Origins Mini Mask Musts – This is my last face mask set in this post, I just really like face masks and I think this is a more reasonably priced face mask set than my other two in this list. So, for all those face mask lovers in your life, they might like to try out a bunch from Origins.

Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Palette – I do own this and I think it’s super pretty, a real stand out for the holiday palettes this year if you ask me. This palette smells great, looks great and is really easy to work with, so I think any makeup lover would love to have this in their stash.

And those are my favorite picks and highlights from most of the recent holiday releases, I’m sure I’ll miss a few since they aren’t all out yet and I’m sure I forgot some too, but these are the ones that really stuck out when I was looking through various things.

What’s on your holiday must-haves list?


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Makeup Gift Guide 2


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    1. I am really interested in trying it, I just seriously do not need anymore stuff, haha. It is tempting though. That laneige set is great, it’s a really fun mix of a cult favorite. Thanks you so much! 🙂

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