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Face Mask Friday: Ulta Blueberries & Yogurt Mud Mask

Face Mask Friday Ulta Blueberry & Yogurt (2)

Hello there, this lovely Friday is all about Face Mask Friday, which is what I will be talking about. I do one of these every month and am almost debating doing more, we’ll see though. Last month was all about a fun magnetic mask and this month I am throwing it back to a classic mud mask, an Ulta one which means it’s super affordable too. So, let’s get talking.

Face Mask Friday Blueberry Yogurt (1)

Today is all about the Ulta Beauty Blueberries & Yogurt Skin Balancing Superfood Mud Mask, you can get this exclusively at Ulta and it will run you $8.00. You get 1.8oz of product, which comes to about $4.45 per ounce of product, which isn’t too bad. This product claims that you get about 3-4 uses per pouch, it also claims to help dull and lackluster skin by helping balance the skin tone while keeping it looking and feeling healthy. So, this one isn’t claiming to do too much, which is nice, sometimes you just want something a little bit simple.

Now, let’s get into talking about the packaging. I have really mixed feelings about the packaging of this one, mostly because I think that the pouch is really interesting and really compact, but I also think it’s a little bit of a hassle to get the product out of it, not too terribly so because it is squeezy but it’s not the easiest. It’s also kind of weird to store.

Face Mask Friday Blueberry Yogurt (2)

I do like the actual look of it though, it is very visually appealing to me, I like the simple design and I really like the color choices. I also enjoy the font choices, it’s pretty cute.

Let’s dive into the formula now, because that’s what we really care about. This feels like your typical mud mask, it’s smooth and it’s thick, it’s not so thick that you can’t apply it but it is thick. I found this pretty easy to smooth across my face. This feels normal on the skin, I did notice maybe a touch of a cooling sensation after applying it. This also dried down eventually, as mud masks tend to do.

This left my skin feeling really fantastic, it felt really smooth and looked even smoother, I am a big fan of how it left my skin. I have used this a few times and it always does that. I’m not sure it made my skin look more glowy but it did make the pores appear smaller and my skin feel super soft and smooth, so I am a big fan of that.

The last thing that I want to mention is the smell of this, I really like the smell of this, it smells like bluerberries, unsurprisingly and it kind of has a slightly strange dairy-esque scent to it that I rather enjoyed but I could see some people not loving, the scent isn’t super potent though, so I wouldn’t be too concerned with it.

Overall, I really like this face mask and could see myself purchasing it again in the future, once I work through some of the hoards of face masks that I already own. I do really want to try the other ones that come in this packaging as well now, because I am so happy and impressed with this one, so maybe keep an eye out for this one.

What’s your favorite face mask?


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 Face Mask Friday Ulta Blueberry & Yogurt (1)


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