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Try It Tuesday: Citrouille Cosmetics

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Hello there, today is the day that I test out some of my many Etsy finds, a very exciting day.  Last month I talked all about cotton candy, which I thought was a great pick for October and this month is all about liquid lipsticks from Citrouille Cosmetics, another one that I think is a great pick for the month. Liquid lipsticks and fall tones are perfect for November, right? Let’s find out by jumping right on in.

Try It Tuesday LL (1)Last month I did feature this brand in my Etsy Finds post and this month I thought that it would be a great feature for my Try It series, especially after having made a purchase because I just had to try a really great pumpkin orange lipstick, it was calling my name as were a couple others, because who can order just one lipstick? I know I can’t.

Anyway, I recently picked up three shades of liquid lipstick from the CitrouilleCosmetics Etsy page, in the shades Honeycomb, Sweet Pea and Harvest Pumpkin. Each one of these ran me $11.00 a piece, and I’m okay with that, I think that’s a pretty fair price for the amount of liquid lipstick you get. So now, let’s get into reviewing these items properly. Starting with the packaging, which is very unexciting. I haven’t tried a ton of makeup from Etsy before but the ones that I have, I find to be pretty basic. Which isn’t a big deal, they are basic, not hard to use or bulky, it’s just nothing exciting.

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The packaging for this brands seems to be extra simple, with only a sticker on the tube itself, which has the brand name and the color name. I’m not mad at this but it’s nothing exciting either. The applicator wand is also pretty standard, just your typical doe foot applicator. So, in terms of packaging, I think it’s pretty unexciting but what really matters is the formula of the product itself, so let’s talk about that.

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I want to start by saying that this was way more liquidy than I had thought it was going to be, it was almost like water going on but it did dry down matte like it was supposed to do. I kind of like the thin formula though, it makes for really easy and quick application, the only downside to it is that it dries super fast and sometimes that isn’t so great if you make a mistake. This formula is a little bit drying but I do not find that it is overly drying, these lipsticks are very pigmented and fairly comfortable when all is said and done. These come in a pretty good selection of colors, some that are a little bit harder to find but also not too out there, which I am a big fan of because I am just starting to dip my toe in slightly out of my comfort zone colors.

Overall, I am super happy with my purchase and really like these liquid lipsticks, they don’t have super staying power but it is pretty good, they are fairly comfortable on the lips while also being a tad bit drying and they are very easy to apply. I like that they dry so quickly because I don’t have to be concerned with smudging my lipstick for very long. I would completely recommend this brand to you guys, especially Harvest Pumpkin that is just too pretty.

 What are some of your favorite indie brands?


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Tryittuesday (2)


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