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Dupe: Essence vs. Benefit

DupeBenefitvsessence (1)

Hello there, today I am talking all about dupes on the blog, something that I do every month and this month is one that I have seen on Pinterest a few times but haven’t really delved too deep into. So I thought it would be a great idea if I just tested these two products out for myself since I owned both. So, let’s get into seeing how these two shape up against one another.

Dupe W7 vs Benefit (1)

Today I am putting Benefit High Beam against Essence Make Me Glow. The full size of the Benefit High Beam will run you $26.00, you get 0.33oz of products which translates to about $78.79 per ounce. The Essence one will run you $5.49, comes with 0.254oz of product which translates to about $21.62 per ounce. So, it is safe to say that in the short term and long term, that doesn’t mean that one is better than the other, it’s just something to keep in mind if these two are dupes or at least similar.

Dupe W7 vs Benefit (2)

I want to talk about packaging now, I do only have the mini size in the Benefit one but I think the full size looks just like the mini. These two have super similar packaging but they are slightly different. For starters, I am pretty sure that the Benefit one is made out of glass whereas the Essence one is plastic. The label feels printed on the Benefit one whereas the Essence one is one that I could easily pull off if I tried. The last difference is more of an interior thing and that is the applicators, they are very different, the Benefit one is almost like a nail polish brush whereas the Essence one is like a standard doe foot applicator. These are things to keep in mind if you have a preference for packaging.

Dupe W7 vs Benefit (3)

Now, it is time to get into looking at the product itself. The Benefit swatch is on top and the Essence swatch is on the bottom, as you can see, color wise these two are not dupes in the slightest bit. The Benefit one is way lighter and much more on the pink side, whereas the Essence one is far more on the peach side, being that it is peach, and is darker. So, I would say that these two products are not color dupes in the slightest bit.

Dupe W7 vs Benefit (4)

I know that I have already determined that these products aren’t dupes, but I want to finish by talking about wear on the skin. These both blend out very well, the Essence one does blend out a lot quicker and almost disappears if you are not careful. The Essence one doesn’t shine nearly as bright as the Benefit one either, so if you are looking for something more on the subtle side of things then the Essence one is the way to go. As for lasting power, the Benefit one is better, the Essence one does hang around pretty well but I find that I have no trouble with the Benefit one disappearing.

So, overall I would say these the two are not dupes at all, except the packaging is really similar. But anyway, if you are looking for something like the Benefit High Beam, this one is not for you, but if you are looking for a more natural, peachy kind of liquid highlight then I would for sure check out the Essence one. They may not be dupes but both are still good products and I have no real problems with either.

What’s your favorite dupe?


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DupeBenefitvsessence (2)


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