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100 Days Of Makeup Update #2

100 days of makeup october (1)

Hello there, today is all about a challenge that I started last month, a challenge all about makeup and that is 100 days of makeup, a pretty simple challenge when you think about it but also a commitment. Last month was a short month because I started it towards the end, whereas this month and the next two months will be full months of makeup, so follow me along and let’s dive in to check out my month of October.

100 days 1

November first, the ninth day of this, I did and loved this bright sunset inspired eye, it was the highlight of my day. The tenth day I was keeping it orangey and loving it, though it does look a little monotone. Day eleven was still really warm and a look I quite enjoyed. Day twelve was still in the warm family, it needed a little bit of touch up but I still liked it. Day thirteen is still in that warm family kind of look, but it’s not all orange so we are moving out of the faze a tiny bit.

100 days 2

Day fourteen is all about a rainbow eye, that I very much loved and would love to wear again. Day fifteen we are talking about an ombre orange lip that did not go so well. Day sixteen is a golden look that I rather enjoyed. Day seventeen and eighteen are both very warm toned, orange looks once again.

100 days 3

Day nineteen is a really sloppy cat look that I did in the middle of a very stressful tornado warning. Day twenty is another Halloween look, this one all about vampires. Day twenty one is a really pretty brown and gold look with the tiniest cute crease ever. Day twenty-two is another warm brown look. Day twenty-three is all about this dark browns, a look that I don’t typically wear.

100 days 4

Day twenty-four is a slightly glittery, glam kind of look that I adored.  Day twenty-five is all about that pumpkin-colored lipstick. Day twenty-six is going back to a slightly glam look that I quite enjoyed. Day twenty-seven is about that gold and brown, in a really simple but put together kind of look. Day twenty-eight is something I could have done better but I was sloppily putting together something for the day in a hotel room, not that it’s an excuse but this is a fun bright look.

100 days 5

Day twenty-nine I did a fun purple and berry kind of look, I really loved it but wish I had gotten better photos. Day thirty is green, a fun green look that I also wish I had gotten better photos of. Day thirty-one is a really natural and toned down look that I did very quickly for brunch with a friend in Florida. Day thirty-two is just a simple nude lip. Day thirty-three is another fairly toned down look, something more simple and natural.

100 days 6

Day thirty-four is a basic eye that I would do pretty much all of the time, it’s simple and very quick for me to do. Day thirty-five is a really simple matte lip. Day thirty-six will be featured in an upcoming post and it’s not one that I am super jazzed about, I might have to redo it before that post but we will see.

100 days 7

Day thirty-seven is something that I don’t do a lot and that is a red lip, I’m actually pretty happy with it overall. Day thirty-eight is an eye look that I didn’t know I would like but actually ended up loving, might redo this one and give it more attention. And lastly, day thirty-nine, was just a simple orange glossy lip that I had to share.

I know, there were a lot more lip focused pictures than I would like this month, but some days I just didn’t get around to doing an eye look or a full face, so they are easy to slap on and not break my 100 days of makeup. I also didn’t realize how much I had been loving orangey shades but I guess I have, that will be a fun thing to see throughout the process. I am very excited to keep going and to hopefully play with eyeshadow a lot more in the coming months.

Have you ever done 100 days of makeup?


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100 days of makeup october (2)


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