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October 2018 Nail Wrap Up

October Nail Wrap up (1)

Hello there, today we are talking nails, more specifically all of the nails looks that I wore during the month of October.  Last month I talked about six different nail looks and this month I have the same amount, which isn’t too shabby considering but I am endlessly trying to top myself. It did not work this month, but I still have a decent amount to share with you guys so let me dive right in.

October 2018 Butter London Aura

My first polish for the month is one that I didn’t like very much and that is the Butter London polish in the shade Aura. This is one of their new peel-off glitters and I did not like it, it did what it was supposed to do and it looks pretty nice, but it smells worse than most nail polish I have ever smelt before and the formula is too thick. Seriously, it’s so thick it seems like it’s been open for months and is years old, which made is seriously difficult to work with. I do want to try this again but thus far I do not have high hopes for it.

October 2018 CBL Ack! It's An Alien

My second pick for the month was super interesting but I could not get a good enough picture of it, but this is from CBL and is the shade Ack, It’s An Alien. This shade was stunning and I really want to wear it again already, this one is a purple base and has a really lovely and fun green shift to it that you can barely see in this photo, it was impossible for me to capture in one still but I tried.

October 2018 Etude House Wonder Fun Park Day Pass

Up next is a little duo of nail polishes, this is the Etude House Wonder Fun Park Day Pass set. These two polishes go together perfectly, as you might expect from a set. These wore really well and looked super cute on the nails, my only complaint might be that the glitter was a little bit sparse but most glitter nail polishes are like that, at least the ones that look like this one are.

October 2018 I Scream Mermaids Made Me

I have some glitter to share with the next one, this one is from the brand I Scream Nails and is in the shade Mermaids Made Me, which is a perfect blue glitter if you ask me. I am a huge fan of this brand and want all of the polishes, which totally sounds normal and sane. I’m just a big fan.


I have been talking about it for a while and I have finally gotten around to trying out KL Polish, I picked up three shades and the first one I wore was this one in the shade Brick Sidewalk, which is a gorgeous rust colored shade that I applied far too sloppily so I really need to give this one a better shot before I judge it.

October 2018 KL Polish Carmello

And my last shade for the month is another one from KL Polish in the shade Carmello, which is a color that is right up my alley and one that I don’t have anything like. This is the perfect fall shade and I might have to bring this one out again this month.

And those are all six of the nail polishes that I wore during the month of October, well technically seven but I am counting it as six because it is only six different nail looks. I’m super happy with most of the shades this month, the Butter London one was bad, I would suggest avoiding those based on my experience thus far, but other than that I enjoyed most everything.

What nail polish did you love during October?


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October Nail Wrap up (2)


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