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October 2018 Lifestyle Favorites

October 2018 Lifestlye Favorites (2)

Hello there, today will be all about all of my non-beauty favorites from the month of October, a fun post that I like to write but am always scrambling to write because somehow I can never remember all of the things that I loved during the previous month. Speaking of the previous month, if you want to see last months favorites you can check them out here. Now, let’s get into talking about all the bits and bobs I loved last month.

My Hero Academia is back on my radar, I still haven’t seen the third season of it but I have been reading the manga, which follows it really well so I’m not sure why I’ve been reading it, but I have very much been enjoying this. I just really like this anime.

Let’s keep this kind of nerdy and talk about Pokemon Go which happened because a friend was playing it in Florida, my husband downloaded it and then I downloaded it. Honestly, it’s been really fun and it’s been getting us out for walks and exploring, so honestly, think it’s been a great habit for us.

Hint Watermelon Water is still something super into and at this point I think I should stop mentioning it, but I love the stuff.

October 2018 Lifestyle Favorites

This is super new and barely fits into October but can I talk about how amazing and excited I am to have Publix nearby again. So much so that I am mentioning it in a favorite, it’s such a magical experience.

Reading is something that I feel hard into during the month of October, I read so much, I’ve read Mangas, real books and comics so much during that month that it felt weird to not mention it.


I almost forgot to add my playlist, which you can listen to here if you are interested.  Mostly newer things but also a mix of some other random things, either way, I am a big fan of all of these songs this past month.

And that is pretty much all of my random favorites from the month of October, it’s a little bit of a short list but I wanted to only share things that I really love, so this is my list of things that I really loved during the month of October.

Any favorites for the month of October?


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October 2018 Lifestlye Favorites (1)


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