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Why October 2018 Was Awesome + Goals

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Hello there, today I am talking all about how things went last month for me and goals for this upcoming month. I can’t believe that another month is over, October was over in the blink of an eye and the way things are going it will be 2019 before I even know what happens. But that is not a problem for now, for now let’s just talk about what went on during the month of October.

I am not a big Halloween person so October isn’t my favorite month, though it seems to be a month a lot of people love, I’m just kind of meh about it. Especially because the weather is so fickle during this month, some days it’s fairly warm and others it’s far too cold, but let my not go on about this for too long because I am not trying to hate on October.

I want to think that October was super eventful because it flew by, but looking back on it I am not sure that it was, I think it was just busy. I did go on vacation to Florida for a week in the middle of October, this was also to visit my family, so I think I spent a lot of time getting ready to shut off for a few days, which was more work than I thought it would be.

I had a blast in Florida, we rented a house with a pool and it was so warm out so I lived in the pool, it was very nice and it’s safe to say I was a big fan and found that very much relaxing. We also ate at all my favorite places and hung out my favorite people, it was really fun and I would do it again any day. Florida will always hold a special place in my heart.

My husband and I also celebrated a year of being married just a few days ago and that was pretty exciting, we didn’t do anything in particular but it was still nice. Also, our cake was not great, meaning it tasted good but it was really dry a year later. I’m not mad though, considering that it was a year old.

And other than that, I would say that October was pretty boring and that it went by really quickly, I am happy to welcome November though.

Now, let’s see how my goals from last month went starting with working out, which I am excited to say that I crushed. I set myself up for four days a week, due to the whole vacation thing the days shifted a little bit but for the entire month of October I got up and exercised at least four times a week. Some of it walking, weights and running but always something. So I’d say I crushed it!

Next up is another goal that I crushed and that is getting four books ahead of schedule. One that I thought was going to be super hard but turned out to be not too terribly difficult, I am currently five books ahead and would like to try and stay somewhat ahead of schedule.

Now for my first failure, doubling my Pinterest views, this one seemed like a good idea but what I didn’t plan for was the fact that I fell off social media hard during my vacation, so this for sure did not happen. Also, whatever getting my twitter together means, did not happen. Social media may not be my strongest point.

My no-buy was another failure, not quite as bad as September but not great either. I am a little bit disappointed in myself but am hoping to kick a no buy into full gear next month.

Improving my photos is something that I think I am doing constantly so I would say that I completed this goal? Kind of.

Now let’s kick off my goals for the month of November, starting with a very serious makeup and skincare no buy. I need some jeans and a couple other things for winter, so I am sticking to just a no buy in skincare and makeup, those two are also the only two things that really get me, so going to try and really focus on this one.

Finish my reading challenge, I am four books away from the goal and honestly, I kind of want to finish it in November and then everything after that will be gravy, so going to try for this one.

Double my Pinterest views is coming back this month, I really think I can do it, especially because my number dropped and I will have the whole month to focus on this, so I’m thinking I can crush this one.

And lastly I really want to declutter my lip drawer which shouldn’t be too hard, it just requires some time because I am hoping to try everything on my lips and that might not be something that I try to do in one sitting.

And that is everything that went on last month and that I am hoping to accomplish during the next month, nothing too much in either thing really. I am excited for November and ready to see what it has in store for me.

How was your October? Anything exciting happen?


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Why October 2018


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