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Revisit: BH Cosmetics Take Me Back To Brazil Eyeshadow Palette

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Hello there, today I am doing another revisit post, I am really excited about these and think that they are super fun. Last month I did my very first one about the Anastasia Modern Renaissance and this month I have gone another direction with something more fun, this month is all about the Bh Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil Palette, which I originally reviewed all the way back in August of last year. This is my most viewed post and I am very much excited to get into talking about this one.

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This is the BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil Eyeshadow Palette that I personally picked up from Ulta but you can pick it up a few other places. This one will run you $18.00, comes with 1.23oz of product and 35 different eyeshadows. A really good mix of all the colors in the rainbow and honestly, a really good value if you ask me. It is a very affordable palette and I still think this is fantastic for someone who wants to try color but also have a really great choice of color to choose from.

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Now, let’s talking packaging a little bit, this packaging is pretty typical in terms of quality and feels to it, it’s nothing terrible but nothing to write home about either. As for the design itself, I like it fine and it fits really well with the theming that they have going on for this palette. As for the layout of the shadows, as always I think they could be a little closer together but overall I like the layout, the colors make sense in the order that they are in and the big pans at the bottom make a lot of sense. If I were to complain about anything to do with the packaging I think the only thing I would say is that I kind of wish the mirror was a little larger, it’s not something I use always but I think it has room for a larger mirror.

Let me share some swatches and talk a little bit about the formula of these eyeshadows, most of these shadows are matte but as you might be able to tell from the swatches there are a few more shimmery ones in here, though none of them are really that out there and overall they are mostly matte. These swatches alright, some shades are not so great and then there are some that are really fantastic, looking at that red row which is seriously pigmented. These do not swatch nearly as well as they apply, I do find these to be a little bit on the more sheer side of things as a whole but I find them really easy to build up to the pigmentation that I want them to be. The big benefit of these is that they blend super easily and build up really well, so even though they may be a little underwhelming in the swatches. I do think the actual feel of these eyeshadows is rather hard, but overall the formula is pretty good and fairly easy to work with.

I created a bunch of looks with this palette to show off all of the things you can do with it, it just has so many colors that there are almost endless options. I also tried to recreate a couple of the looks from the original review, you might be able to spot the two. I really love how fun this one is to play with.

Overall, I like this palette and will keep it in my collection because it is a really handy palette when you are looking for a specific color and it’s just really fun. I do still think this would make a fantastic introduction to color palette because it is so affordable and does have so many different shades, but as an intermediate, I also think this is really easy to work with, so it’s good for all if you ask me. I’m just really satisfied with this palette and have continued to love it, over a year later.

What do you think about colorful eyeshadow looks?


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