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Review: Ofra Pillowtalk Highlighter

Review_ Ofra Pillowtalk highlighter

This was not the post that I had scheduled for today, but the post that I was going to originally post I had already done months ago and apparently forgotten. So, I moved some things around and decided that on this lovely Saturday I would talk about the Ofra Highlighter in the shade Pillowtalk, which I am seriously excited to talk about, so let’s just dive right on in.

Ofra (2)Let’s talk about the Ofra Cosmetics Pillow Talk Highlighter, I personally picked mine up from a recent sale at Ulta, but you can get this a few other places online. Regular price on this one is $29.00 and it comes with 0.35oz of product, which comes in at $82.86 per ounce. An ounce of highlighter does sound like a ton though like you would never run out of an ounce of highlighter.

Ofra (3)Now, let’s talk a little bit about the packaging of this product. This packaging is pretty simple and straightforward, it’s a square compact and it’s a simple matte white plastic, with the Ofra logo on the front. It’s nothing exciting but it’s not bad either. The complaint I want to make about this is that it is pretty bulky considering the size of the pan of highlighter itself. I do really like the look of the pan of highlighter itself, it’s really pretty and interesting to look at.

Let’s talk about the product and formula itself, I was kind of expecting this to feel like a Colourpop but it feels kind of like a typical highlighter, maybe even closer to a baked one. This one does pack some serious punch in terms of shine and shimmer, the first time I used this I thought I was using a light hand but it was still blinding, so if you are looking for a seriously blinding highlighter than look no further. This can be worn casually but you really have to use a light hand, this can also really easily be a blinding highlight by using no caution, you don’t have to dig deep you just have to dip in and go, I’m sure you could build it up even more though. I have not tried. This has really fantastic staying power too, I had heard a lot of good things about it and wasn’t sure what to expect, but it for sure blew me out of the water.

So, overall it is safe to say that I really like this highlighter, it is easily one of the best ones that I have ever used, if not the best. This is really simple but also just really great, so I am super happy that I picked this one up.

What’s your favorite highlighter?


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