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Face Mask Friday: e.l.f. Beauty Shield Magnetic Mask

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Hello there face mask Friday, I really love you and should probably do you more often because you are really fun and a really relaxing post to do research on. But alas, for now here is my monthly face mask post, last month I talked about a mask from Memebox and this month is all about an e.l.f. mask. I know I’m late to the whole magnetic mask thing but I got around to it and it was rather interesting to try out, so let’s talk about this mask.

Face Mask Friday - Elf Magnetic Mask (2)

This little one here is the e.l.f Beauty Shield Magnetic Face Mask that you can pick up plenty of places, I believe I picked mine up at Target though you could also order directly from the website. You can pick this up for $24.00 and it comes with 1.7oz of product, which comes to about $14.12 an ounce, not too shabby if you ask me, but e.l.f. products are usually very reasonably priced, even for a product like this that is a little more up there for them.

Now, let’s get into talking packaging a little bit, you can see above the packaging and it’s really nothing to exciting, not that everything needs to be. I do like the look of it because it has a faint opalescent kind of thing going on and I like that. Otherwise, it’s just a simple jar and that’s fine, it does it’s job.

Face Mask Friday - Elf Magnetic Mask (3)

Now, let’s dive into the product itself. This product is very dark and looks kind of like a charcoal mud mask, but it is not.

This stuff smells very strange, it’s not bad but it’s just not what I was expecting. To me this kind of smells like chocolate orange but also not exactly like that because it’s a little bit off. I do quite like the smell though.

Face Mask Friday - Elf Magnetic Mask (1)

This is rather thick and is something that I would for sure recommend using a spatula or something with like it says in the directions, just because I found it slightly difficult to get it off my hands with just water. Otherwise, this is super easy to apply, even though it’s fairly messy here as you might be able to tell.

Using the magnet that comes with the mask is really interesting, the feeling is something that I can’t really describe, it’s weird and at the same time feels really cool. I did find this to be somewhat difficult to get off around the nose, just getting in those little areas with the big magnet that they give you is a bit difficult so I might knock some points off for that.

I rubbed this into the skin and did not wash it off like the direction said. I really loved the way this left my skin feeling, it felt moisturized but not greasy and it also left my skin looking pretty flawless, it was actually really cool and way better than I had expected it to be.

So, overall I actually really liked this face mask, I think it’s near impossible to get out of the little creases in your nose but beyond that, it’s really different, left my skin feel great and was kind of fun, something that you don’t always see in face masks.

Have you ever tried a magnetic face mask?


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