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Try It Tuesday: Chocolate Storybook

Try It Tuesday_ ChocolateStorybook

Last month I talked all about an Etsy brand that was sweet to smell and look at, this month I decided to talk about something that is sweet to taste. This month is all about cotton candy from the Etsy shop ChocolateStorybook, I thought this was a fun pick, something that I’ve been holding on for a while and thought it would be festive for October since it is cotton candy. So, let’s get into seeing what I thought of this candy.

I know, cotton candy might not be the most typical pick, but part of the point of this series is to try out all sorts of products from Etsy, which apparently means cotton candy, from time to time anyway.  This shop has tons of fun flavors, they are $4.95 per tub but you can get sets and different packs that lower the cost some, either way, I think it’s pretty well priced for gourmet cotton candy flavors. It’s like a fun treat, maybe not an all the time thing.

Now, let’s start talking flavors and then we will get into the finer details of this review. First up I want to talk about Orange Dreamsicle, which was hands down the best flavor in this whole bunch, it was everything I hoped it would be and more. This tasted like the glittery Nemo cotton candy that I picked up at Disneyland when I went, it has an orange flavor to it with a nice soft vanilla cut through it, I was a big fan.

Next flavor I will talk about is Caramel Apple, which was probably my second favorite flavor out of this batch. This has a really strong artificial apple taste, which I like and feels very caramel apple-esque to me. Speaking of caramel, I think the caramel aspect to this cotton candy is a slightly burnt sugar kind of taste, it’s not terrible but it’s not my favorite either, it leaves a bit of an aftertaste.

Kiwi Watermelon is the next flavor, a flavor I was so excited about and a flavor that I thought I was going to love because watermelon flavored cotton candy sounded right up my alley. Turns out I did not like this too much. This has some seriously tasty watermelon flavor to it, but my biggest problem is the kiwi. I like kiwis but this did not taste like kiwi, it was really bitter and had a little bit of a cough syrup taste to it. My husband ended up eating most of this one.

This next one might be tied for the second favorite or maybe third, but by a hair and that is Root Beer. I love root beer and honestly, I think this one is spot on and probably tastes most like the thing it’s supposed to. Having said that, I’m sure you guys are wondering why this is in the middle and not my favorite? Well, I think this is kind of overwhelming, simple as that, it tastes exactly right but as you eat more it becomes rather overwhelming, so this one is good in smaller doses.

Now for the last flavor, the true wild card of the bunch, Peanut Butter & Jelly. It does sound rather weird but it was one of those things where I was like, well, I’m already making an order and this is too strange and interesting to pass up. This was terrible, do not like and would not recommend. I did not taste any jelly, only peanut butter and that peanut butter taste was seriously burnt, did not like that flavor the slightest bit.

Try It Tuesday Cotton Candy

Now that I have gone over the flavor I want to talk a little bit about everything else to do with this cotton candy, starting with the packaging. It’s cotton candy so I wasn’t expecting anything grand and I didn’t get that, I got standard tubs with really adorable labels on the outside, which is pretty nice. The branding is very cute and very much consistent.

The texture of this cotton candy was also pretty good, not quite as soft and fluffy as fresh cotton candy but also fluffier than the stuff you can buy in a tub at the store. It really scratched that cotton candy itch for me but wasn’t quite as good as it could be.

I thought these were pretty reasonably priced, they were very prompt with their shipping and I had no real issues with this product. Overall, I am very happy with my whole experience and am a big fan, so I will probably make another purchase sometime.

Would you be interested in trying some funky cotton candy flavors?


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