100 Days of Makeup Intro + First Update


I am attempting something that sounds fun and like a good challenge and that is a 100 days of makeup challenge, I started on September the 23rd, which means that as long as I did my math correctly then my last day of this challenge will be the very last day of the year, so that’s exciting if you ask me. I am doing this challenge partly to challenge myself and better my skills, and partly to try out a bunch of things and go through my products because I own far too many things and too many unused things as well. So, at the beginning of each month I will recap the looks from this previous month, so today we start with my looks from September, which will be pretty short.


Here are my first four days, the first was a really fun berry kind of look that I really loved, day two was a snap of a very simple eye that will be included in a full look at the end of the month, the third day is a little bit of my attempt at a toxic green cut crease and day four is all about a peachy glow.


The next four days of September were these four looks, day five being almost cheating but I am counting it, I did a fun little lip color that I don’t typically wear, day six is a very dark pink look, day seven is a super fun princess look with terrible white eyeliner because I could not get it to work and then finally day eight is a really interesting black and salmon look that didn’t turn out quite the way that I wanted it to.

And those are the first 8 days of my 100-day makeup challenge, there will be a lot more during the next updates but I didn’t do but 8 days in September so this one is gonna be a little short. I am super excited to be trying this out and see if I can make it the whole way.

Have you ever done a makeup challenge?


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6 thoughts on “100 Days of Makeup Intro + First Update

    1. I’m pretty excited about it, I’m ready to really play in my collection though this has been just a little bit of a challenge so far. Haha. Thank you! I take a ton before I find one that I like enough to post.

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