September 2018 Empties

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So, I did not do better in terms of the number of products I used up compared to last month, however, I did break even with it and I am alright with that because that means that I am still using up a good amount of products, which is always exciting if you ask me. I still aim to use up more products next month than I did this month, but we will have to wait and see how this goes. For now, let’s just chat a little about the products I used up in September.

September 2018 Empties (1)

Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care – This is not my all the time shampoo but this is something that I throw in the mix from time to time, mostly because dandruff and this helps that immensely. Repurchase: I probably will.

Lush Calacas Shower Gel – I love this stuff! I am almost sad to see it go but at the same time I have two back up bottles, so I’m not that sad. This is my all time favorite Lush shower gel, it’s bright and fresh, it’s very citrus and smells great. Repurchase: I would if they make again.

Brite Unicorn Masque – I liked this one alright, it’s not my favorite ever but it’s not bad, it’s just pretty okay. Repurchase: Meh, probably not.

Tarte Frxxxtion Stick – I have used up the second one, it didn’t take that long but then again these sticks never really take that long. I quite like this and have used two or three of these in total this year. Repurchase: Maybe, I’m mostly looking to try new things right now.

I Dew Care Space Kitten Mask – This is the black one, which you can probably tell by the packaging. This is also a mini so I found it really easy to use up completely. This mask hurt and didn’t really do a lot for me in the long run, so I’m not a huge fan. Repurchase: I don’t think I would.

September 2018 Empties (2)

Laura Mercier Translucent  Loose Setting Powder – I really enjoyed using this product and it serious lasted for so long. This did a fantastic job of setting my makeup and keeping me fairly matte, overall just a really nice powder. Repurchase: Maybe, I have a bunch of other powders to get through first.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner –  This is just a mini size but it has finally dried up completely pretty much so it is time to pass it along, I have this in full size so I think that tells you that I like it. Repurchase: I already have.

Tarte Tarteist Mascara – This has been a favorite of mine for just a little while now and I have really loved this mascara, it’s fantastic. Repurchase: Yes, eventually.

Skinfix Black Cherry Pie Lip Balm – I have gone through another one, I have really been focusing on keeping my lips moisturized and balm on them, so I’ve been flying through these. I really liked this one, it smelled like cherry chapstick which is nice. Repurchase: I for sure would.

Drunk Elephant C-Tank Eye Cream – Honestly, I have no idea if this eye cream did anything, I used it all up but didn’t really notice much. Repurchase: Probably not, it’s really expensive for me not knowing if it did anything.

Viva La Juicy Noir – Another little sample that didn’t take much effort to get through, I really enjoyed this and would think about buying the full size sometime in the future once I have made it through some more fragrances. Repurchase: Maybe

September 2018 Empties (3)

Blackberry Cider Candle – This was some random Target dollar spot candle that I got last year and finished up this year, maybe a little bit too early due to it being Halloween-esque but I still enjoyed it. Repurchase: Probably not, it didn’t have that great of a throw.

Pacifica Crystal Melon Makeup Removing Wipes – I ended up using these mostly for swatches due to the fact that they irritated my eyes, which meant they were a no go on my face, they did the job fine but I like ones that I can use for all sorts of things. Repurchase: No, even though they smell great.

Ulta Dual Tipped Cotton Applicators – These are something that I keep in the top drawer of my makeup for quick access, I use them all of the time, especially the pointed ends to clean up eyeliner and lips. Repurchase: Yes, already have.

Bath & Bodyworks Kiwi Passionfruit Foaming Handsoap – This smells really fun and fruity, which I liked and thought was perfect for the summer. Repurchase: I probably would.

September 2018 Empties (4)

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri Wheat Leave In Conditioner – I have used these so many times that I almost don’t want to include them, but I do want to get points for using them up so I include them. I love this stuff, simple as that. Repurchase: Of course I have.

Sugar Milk Co Strawberry Milk – I found that this being so thin made it super easy for me to completely use up in no time, it smelled really good and felt really nice on the skin, it was almost a little too sweetly scented for me though. Repurchase: Maybe.

Shiseido Facial Cotton – This is something I never knew I needed until I tried it, I had heard good things constantly but never got it, until I tried it. These are fantastic and I would suggest them to anyone. Repurchase: Duh.

Pink Cool & Bright Body Mist – This is my last pink mini body mist and I am excited, I like these but like all other body mists they last for a total of five minutes and that is annoying to me, so while I liked the scent I am happy to see it go. Repurchase: No, probably not.

The Body Shop Watermelon Lip Balm – I have seriously been going through lip balms as you can tell and it’s not even winter yet. I kind of like though, I like using up products because that means it gives me an excuse to try new and different products, not that I can do that yet because I have tons of other things to get through, but it still feels good because I am moving on to new products. Repurchase: Maybe, it wasn’t bad but I’m realizing I don’t love lip balms in pots as much.

And those are all of the products that I used up during the month of September, a really good amount and a really good mix of things if you ask me, some new and some favorites, some liked and some not so much. I am excited to get using products up.

Have you guys been using up products?


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September 2018 (4)


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