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September 2018 Lifestyle Favorites

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Last month I was so proud of myself because I remembered to write things down so at the end of the month I wouldn’t be stuck trying to remember everything that was really great this month, well, I have fallen off that wagon this month and will be winging it today, so let’s just dive into some random favorites from September.

Would it be weird if I started this list out by saying that cake has been a favorite? I hope not ’cause I’m gonna do it. I had some really good birthday cake in September that was good enough for me to be like, this is a favorite.

Reading has been a serious favorite this month too, I’m always reading but this past month it feels like I’ve really gotten my groove back with reading and I’m happy to have done so.

My next thing is The Little Mermaid Broadway Musical Soundtrack that I have listened to far too many times but honestly, I love it and am really into it right now. I’ve been jamming out to it all month long.

Lemon Lemon Blackberry Lemonade + Vodka has been a huge favorite this month, I also like it mixed with Moscato wine, either way, it’s really tasty and refreshing.

And my last random favorite this month is Zodiac Starforce as I have read the second volume and refallen in love with that series, I love magical girls and the zodiac, so this is just a fantastic combination of things that I enjoy.


This month my husband has been playing the trending playlist on google music a lot, which is honestly where a lot of these picks came from and I’m not mad about because I like these songs. If you want to listen to the full playlist, check it out here.

And those are my favorite for the month, rather short favorites this month but I rather keep it short then mention a bunch of things that I don’t actually like that much.

Any random things you’ve been loving this month?


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September 2018 (3)


3 thoughts on “September 2018 Lifestyle Favorites

  1. I loved this entry. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time, and I’m definitely hooked. Looking forward to your future content.
    Stop by my space if you get the chance!
    menanwabenu.com 🌸✨🌷💕

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