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September 2018 Favorites + Face

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Last months favorites were kind of boring and this month isn’t super exciting, but I think I have some more slightly fun favorites and some new things to share, so hopefully, that means this month’s favorites are better than last. Let’s just jump right into all the things that I love this month in terms of cosmetics.

September 2018 Favorites (2)

Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Foundation – Is in my favorites again, this has happened probably far too much at this point but I’ve been really loving this foundation, I’m pretty sure it will never die.

Nars Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in Andromeda – I can’t find a good place to purchase this anymore but I personally picked mine up from TjMaxx and I love it. I haven’t been using it as an eyeshadow but instead as a highlighter and it is gorgeous, it’s subtle but it’s very pretty and glow from within like.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer – I have been really enjoying this, mostly because I find that it really brightens the skin, I don’t find that it prolongs the wear of my makeup or makes me look smoother, but it does make me look brighter and I like that.

Anastasia Modern Renaissance – I recently did a revisit to this palette and boy do I love this one, it’s just really easy to work with and there is a reason why this one is a cult favorite and classic at this point, it’s just a great palette all around.

Julep Length Matters Mascara – I have a little mini sample size of this product but I am in love, this is my current favorite mascara and it does a really great job at doing everything that I want it to. This lengthens and thickens without really clumping, which is pretty much all I’m looking for.

J.Cat Beauty Luxe Pro Powder in Pearl Luminizer – I bought this after seeing someone rave about this in a youtube video, I used some points from Hush and got it for hardly anything, this isn’t an expensive product but I for sure would pay full price for this. This is another softer highlight but it’s just really pretty, glowy and easy to use.

NYX HD Blush in Taupe – I have been using this a lot more in attempts to use it up and I’m realizing that I really love this as a contour, which is the only way that I use it and its really perfect for that.

Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint in Orange Ade – This is such a strange product to me because this stuff is as thin as water but I really love this, this is a super easy product to work with and it’s very much buildable.

September 2018 Favorites

Lush Maypole Body Lotion – Oh my gosh I wish they would make this a staple product, this is a kitchen item, or labs item, whatever they call it now and it smells amazing. This smells of sweet mint, it’s a very thin formula and it’s also a very moisturizing formula that I very much enjoy and want to be able to get at all times.

Brite Mermaid Hair Masque – This is hands down my favorite hair mask that I have ever used, I know I switch them up a lot but I really love this one and can see myself using this one for a while because it just makes my hair so manageable and soft, it’s a fantastic product.

Olay Fresh Reset Mask – I got this for free through Influenster and I really love this. This is a fantastic idea, a clay mask in a stick form that can be applied easily and very cleanly, which is fantastic. The product itself is also really nice, it soothes the skin and softens, which I can appreciate.

September 2018 (14)

I played around a lot during the month of September and this is hands down my favorite look that I came up with, it’s very mermaid if you ask me and I am into that, especially the slight touch of glitter. I used the Take Me Back To Brazil palette to create this one, which I still love and am really happy with.

And those are all of my favorites and my face for this month, a little bit boring but some newer products as well, which I think is always good. Always products that I really love at the moment but that’s nothing new.

What are some of your favorites from September?


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September 2018 (2)


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