Why September 2018 Was Awesome + Goals

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September is over and I’m kind of sad, I feel like the only person who likes September and I completely blame it on the fact that I am a selfish person who loves their birthday. I like October fine but I’m not super excited about it yet. Anyway, this post is all about wrapping up September and setting some new goals for the month of October.

September was a pretty good month for me, it started really great with my friend coming all the way to Virginia to see me, which is always great if you ask me. So we had a blast of a three day weekend, drinking some wine, doing some face masks, eating ice cream, playing video games and all of that jazz. It was super fun and a great weekend.

A couple of days ago I talked all about my birthday fun, which was a great addition to this month as well. I got a cake that tasted just like my wedding cake, so that was amazing as one might expect. I got some really cool gifts, hung out with some people and got two three day weekends in a row, which was really cool. We also spent one day hanging out in Richmond and going to this arcade place, that was fun.

Other than that September was pretty typical, nothing too boring nor too exciting, but it was a good month and I’m just a tiny bit sad to see it go.

Now, let’s talk goals from last month.

Working Out: I set myself a schedule and I did okay this month, I didn’t get in all the workouts that I wanted to but I set a schedule and did some of it, so this wasn’t a complete failure.

Relaxing: I did a little bit of this month and I’m really not sure how to work on this, so I guess I achieved this goal?

Get Two Books Ahead: Yes, I am two books ahead and super excited about it, it feels good to be reaching and surpassing my reading goals this month.

Now, time for next months goals.

Working Out: I need to get onto a good track with this, I have said this literally every month this year, but I was on it for a little while now I have fallen off. So October is my month, I have a new schedule and am hoping it works out.

Getting Four Books Ahead: This might be a stupid goal, I’m not really sure but I really want to get four books ahead and stay ahead. It might not be completely insane seeing as I will be going down to Florida in October which will make for great reading time.

Double My Pinterest Views: Honestly, I feel like I’m doing pretty good with Pinterest and growing frequently on there, but I’m really hoping to try and see if I can get double the views I typically do this month on there.

Get My Twitter Together: I have been saying this for too long, I am terrible at twitter and I’m really hoping to focus on it this month and improve my twitter skills.

No Buy: I am on a serious no-buy after September, this one may also go into November and December, we will see, but at least for the month of October I will be trying to do a no buy and really use the things I have. The only exceptions are Ulta 20% off because I have a boatload of points. Also, maybe a couple things from the upcoming hair 21 days, but just things I go through easily.

Improve My Photos: I think I have improved a lot since I started this blog, but I’m hoping to try and really focus on taking better photos and I guess only time will tell if I can improve on this one?

How was your September? Any big plans or goals for October?


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