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Follow Me Around: 25th Birthday

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Today might be a little bit of a boring post but it’s something that I want to do, I like documenting things from time to time. I completely forgot to take photos also, but I still wanted to post a follow me around so let’s dive right on in.

This is my last birthday related post, I promise, at least until next year. This is all about the celebration, I would have said the day but my birthday celebration was spread out multiple days due to the storm. We made no plans for my birthday at first because we were supposed to be hit by Florence, but it turned it we barely experienced anything in my area, which was a relief for us.

Anyway, I guess the celebration started on the 12th, when my husband and in-laws gifted me a really generous cake, what was basically a mini of our wedding cake in terms of taste anyway, which was fantastic. 20180912_192426

We also took my actual birthday off, for the most part anyway, had some burgers, had some gifts and also more cake. There was a lot of cake eating, I almost feel ashamed at how much cake I have eaten. It was a really chill day and I quite enjoyed it.

I did have something that I wanted to do so we postponed it to the following weekend, where we headed to Richmond and then went to a barcade, which was super fun. I had never been and it was great a really simple but great idea. We also had lunch and then just hung out with a couple of friends in the area.

I also did a lot of shopping throughout the month which we will say is due to celebrating, which was far too much as you will see next month in my Ulta haul.

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