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25th Birthday Haul

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You might already be aware of this but I turned 25 this month on September the 14th, and due to that I thought I would share a little birthday haul with you guys, partly because I wanted to and partly because I’ve done them for the past couple of years so I figured why not share. So, let’s just dive into the haul.

Birthday Haul (1)

I Scream Nails Nail Polish – I received a few nail polishes from this brand and really love this brand, not only is it adorable it is also really great nail polish. I am very excited too but all of these on my nails.

Note Cosmetics Blush – This was such a random addition to my wishlist and I am very excited to give this a try, I might even include this in a future blog post that I am planning to do at some point.

Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter – I have heard nothing but good things about the entire butter range, I really love the butter blush and I don’t really like the butter bronzer, so I’m hoping that I like the highlighter but either way I will find out shortly.

Birthday Haul (2)

Sailor Venus Pop – This is the last pop that I really wanted and I am super excited to be repping Sailor V.

Tekken 7 – A gift that my husband thought I would like because we have been really into fighting video games as of recently, or more I have been.

Sailor Moon R Movie – I loved all of the Sailor Moon movies as a kid and the fact that they rereleased the first one was really exciting, I’m ready to watch this and I’m ready for them to release the others.

The Wicked + The Divine Vol.3 & 4 – I already owned the one my husband gifted me, so he returned that one and actually gifted me the next two volumes. Very excited about that.

Lumberjanes Vol. 8 – I really enjoy reading these, if you can’t tell and of course, I am excited about this one as well.

Snot Girl Vol.2 – I loved the first one of these and was super excited to see the second one come out, these are a little bit slow on coming out but I really like the series thus far.

Zodiac Starforce Vol. 2 – I love a magical girl series! This one is great, it’s magical girls and zodiacs, which is super exciting. I love this series and cannot wait to dive into the second volume of this and then cry when it’s over because I have to wait for the next one.

Gravity Falls Lost Legends – Gravity Falls is my all time favorite everything, I just love that show so much and all things to do with it, so I am so jazzed to own this and will probably read this in no time.

American Gods – Is a book that my husband really loves and I have been meaning to read, so he kindly gifted this to me, so into the never-ending list of books I really want to read it goes.

Birthday Haul (5)

And lastly, my in-laws gifted me some really cool baking supplies, a mini cupcake tray, this really cool tip set, these variously sized cookie cutters and a really exciting cake stand that I did not photograph because it is still in the box and I probably won’t use it until we move, but super excited to have that.

And that is basically everything I got for my birthday, my family is a little late so I decided to keep it short and just not include that stuff. I had a really great day and got some really great gifts, that really makes me look a little bit childish/nerdy but I am okay with that, because these are the things that I enjoy.

Do you  guys like hauls?


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