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Dupe: W7 Glowcomotion vs. The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

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It is time for yet another dupe post, something that I really love doing every month because it is so fun to find cheaper alternatives to more expensive products that I love. Last month I was talking all about skincare and this month is all about highlighter, a product that I truly love. So, let’s find out if these two really are dupes.

Dupe Mary Lou vs glowcomotion (2)

Today I will be putting two highlighters up against each other to see if they are the same or not, the first is The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer which retails for $24.00, it comes with 0.30oz which comes out to be $80.00 per ounce. Up against it will be the W7 Glowcomotion Shimmer Highlighter which retails for $8.95, it comes with 0.30oz of the product as well, which comes out to $29.84 per ounce, which is a pretty good price difference if you ask me.

Dupe Mary Lou vs glowcomotion (3)

Now, let’s talk packaging, I don’t have the full size of The Balm’s but I know what it looks like so I will be comparing those two even though I do not own it. I think in terms of feel and shape, the two are really similar, they are pretty much the same size and they feel the same, not cheap but nothing luxurious either. The biggest difference is simply how they look, meaning that Mary-Lou Manizer is very cute and has very much signature The Balm packaging, meaning that it’s cute and kitschy with a mug shot of Mary-Lou on the front. The W7packaging is fine but nothing exciting, it’s very simple and straightforward with just the name on the front, but for the price difference I really don’t mind that.

Dupe Mary Lou vs glowcomotion (1)

Now, we all know that it’s what’s inside that matter, so it is time to talk about the product itself. When I swatched these two they do not look like exact dupes, they are really close but Mary-Lou on the bottom is a smidge darker and more warm toned. However, I don’t typically apply highlighters this concentrated so once they are blended out they do look nearly identical, so much so that I would say you wouldn’t need to own both. Now, let me talk about the feel of this a little bit because these two feel really similar, they both have that almost wet powder kind of feel to them, sort of like the colour pop highlighters if you have ever tried those. And lastly, for wear, I think these wear the same, they look great on the skin, don’t bring any attention to pores in particular and last about the same amount of time.

So, overall I would say that these two are basically dupes. If you use them very concentrated as eyeshadows they have the slightest bit of difference to them, but overall I would say there would be no real reason to own both of these, unless you are a collector or want to.

What’s your favorite dupe?


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