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Fall 2018 Fashion Picks

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Yes, it is time for a Fall Fashion wishlist since we are officially in the fall season, I am hoping it starts feeling more like it here soon so I can actually enjoy wearing things like the things in this list. I will be sharing far too many things with you guys but I’ll try and keep it short, you might want to grab a snack just in case before we dive into this one.


A New Day Tights in Scarlet Mystery – I just really like this shade, plus I wear a lot of black in the winter so these would make for a great pop of color. Universal Thread Scrunch Boots – I only own two pairs of non-ankle boots and these are just really cute and simple. Natrualizer Emiline Loafers in Blue Suede – What a fun pop of color these would be to an outfit and such a fun way to incorporate the loafer trend. Jag Jeans Front-Zip Skirt – I just think this one is really cute and something that is out of my comfort zone completely, which I like to get out of sometimes. A New Day Velma Mules – I can’t decide if I like these better in the pink or black, pink seems too springy for the upcoming season but black is something I already have a lot of. Either way, these would be a great addition. A New Day Oatmeal Cable Tights – I wear a lot of dresses all year round and am always looking for cute but warm tights so I never have to wear pants, and these look like they would check both of those boxes. Old Navy Rib Knit Infinity Scarf in Squash – Yellow has become a big trend in my wardrobe this year and I’m hoping to keep it going with pieces like this, simple but cute. Old Navy Plush Knit Cardigan in Camel – I love cardigans and in the fall and winter time I love thicker ones like this one, plus it being a neutral color makes it super easy for me to work into my wardrobe. Old Navy Relaxed Velvet Tee in Ember Red – I don’t know why but I very much like Velvet and really like a couple of these tees, but the red one is the one that has stuck out to me because it feels very festive and simple. A New Day Trinity Loafers in Black – Speaking of loafers, I have another more traditional pair that I really want to get my hands on. Universal Thread High Waisted Jeans – Nothing exciting here but I don’t have a pair of higher waisted jeans and these seem like a great addition to the fall. A New Day Anorak Jacket in Burgundy – I have an olive one like this that I love and I think this color is so perfect for fall.


Isn’t She Chic? Navy Beret – Something I never thought I would be interested in but I really like the look of this one and think the color is rather interesting, it’s not the color you typically see berets in. Sodermalm Saunter Leather Clog – These are kind of ugly but at the same time I kind of love these, is that weird? Cute Comeback Denim A-Line Skirt – A simple piece but something that I think would be super cute in any wardrobe, especially for fall. A Crafty Medium Oversized Cardigan in Berry – I mostly just really love this shade of pink, it’s a great shade of pink for those duller months and this looks really cozy. Snappy and You Know It Mini Skirt – I love this color, unsurprisingly, and think this skirt is rather cute though far out of my comfort zone. Always A-Line Dress – I love this dress, this looks like a fantastic holiday party dress and I love that, I’m seriously drooling over this one. Classy Comfort Wedges – I might need these, I love the color, they are simple and I love the heel is the same shade as the shoe itself. Velvet Skater Skirt – Another velvet item that I am loving, especially this dark blue shade, it’s like a neutral without being boring. Old Navy Polka Dot Crew Neck Sweater – I love polka dots and don’t wear them enough so this simple but classic polka dot sweater would look great once it starts cooling down. Pleated Midi Skirt in Burgundy – I don’t know what it is about this one but I adore the way it looks, this is another item that I think would be great for a holiday party and really any fun fall party. Attention For Excellence Velvet Heel – My last velvet item on here and something I would never wear because I don’t ever wear heels, but a pair that I had to include because they were too cute not to. Cable For Discussion Tights in Mustard – My last item and my last pair of tights, a really pretty mustard shade of tights that would go great with all of my fall inspired looks and all of my black dresses.

And that is everything on my current fall wishlist, a pretty big one this time around but I was having a really tough time narrowing it down so I decided to include just about everything that I really had my eye on. I am really lusting and drooling over a few of these items and might have to pick a couple of them up, we will see.

What’s on your fall wishlist?


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4 thoughts on “Fall 2018 Fashion Picks

  1. So I have a number of the things you included in your first graphic; I’m actually wearing the Velma Mules and Camel cardi today! You linked so many great things, that yellow/mustard scarf and blue loafers are definitely calling my name!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m gonna have to pick up that cardigan, probably around black friday because Old Navy is pretty reliable with their half off sale. Haha. Those blue loafers are so comfortable and are seriously calling my name too.

      Liked by 1 person

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