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Review: Dose of Colors EyesCream Palette

Dose of colors eyescream

I know this palette isn’t new and that is has been out for a while, which means that I have been eyeing it for a while because it just looks so pretty. I pulled the trigger on it recently and I’m actually pretty glad that I did, I quite like this palette as you will probably be able to tell in this review, so let’s just not waste any more time and start talking about this one.

Eyescream (1)Today is all about this fun little palette, which is the Dose of Colors EyesCream palette. I picked mine up from the site directly and it will run you $50.00 for ten different shades of eyeshadow, and comes with a total weight of .49oz of product.

Eyescream (2)Now, to talk a little bit about the packaging. I think that this packaging is actually really cute, though if I am being critical about the design itself, I do not love the ice cream cones on the front. It’s still cute though. This is pretty standard palette packaging, it’s made of carboard but it still feels pretty sturdy and it’s very slim, which is always a bonus when it comes to palettes. I also don’t think there is a ton of wasted interior space in this one, which is another great added bonus.

Eyescream (3)We’ve got ten different shades here, so let’s break it down a little bit color by color.

Berries & Cream is a very light shade, it’s your base shade in this palette and it does lean a little bit on the pink side of things which I think makes it a little different than your typical cream shades. Mint Chip is a really gorgeous foiled mint green shade, probably my favorite in the whole palette. Sherbert is a really nice copper shimmer kind of shade. Cone is a matte shade this is a really pretty dark kind of taupey brown, I quite like it.Hot Fudge is a very dark and deep matte brown shade, it is one of the darkest of all of the shades in this palette as well.

Eyescream (4)Banana Split is a shimmery light gold color, this one is a little bit on the light side though. Blueberry Swirl is one of my favorites, it’s a really interesting dark purple kind of mauve shade that I really love. Bubblegum is up next and this one is fun, this one is a shimmery bubblegum pink. Lavender Honey is another one of my favorites, it’s a matte, bright lavender shade. Double Scoop is a dark brown shimmer shade, which is the next to darkest shade in this palette.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the formula of these, honestly, I am really impressed with these shadows, they are all really easy to work with and really pigmented, some slightly more than others. Bubblegum and Banana Split are both on the sheerer side, but they are still good and can be built up to decent pigmentation. Some of the real stars of this palette are Blueberry Swirl, Mint Chip, Cone, and Hot Fudge. Don’t get me wrong, I actually think that all of these eyeshadows are really good. The shimmers have an almost cream to powder texture without actually being cream, so it’s safe to say they are very creamy. The mattes are very pigmented and a little bit powdery, but overall really nice. These shadows really blend out easily and blend together nicely without getting muddled, this is a really nice eyeshadow formula all around.

I wanted to share a few different eye looks with you guys to show you the variety of this palette, because you can really come up with tons of different eye looks with this palette due to the shade range. This palette also works really well together.

Overall, I am a big fan of this palette and am really glad that I picked it up, this was a really good purchase. You can make really simple, neutral looks and also really fun and bright looks. I just really like this one.

What’s your favorite fun palette?


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Dose of colors eyescream (2)


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