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Face Mask Friday: Meme Box I Dew Care Take It Easy Mask

Face Mask Friday

Yes, it is face mask Friday again! I feel like I was just writing the one for August yesterday, but it has been a little while longer than that. I swear these months and these posts are just flying by in no time at all. Anyway, today I am here to blog about this mask so let’s get chatting.


Today I am reviewing the Meme Box I Dew Care Take It Easy Calming Calamine Clay Mask, which is honestly a lot of words. I personally picked mine up at Ulta in a little set of minis that came with a bunch of other masks from this brand but you can pick up the full size for $19.00 and it comes with 2.46oz of product, which is a decent amount.

I start all reviews out by talking about the packaging, and I will start this one out the same way though I do want to talk about the mini and full sized. I think that the mini size is kind of a waste of packaging, it’s cute and it’s simple, but there seems to be a lot of extra packaging for no particular reason. It kind of bothers me, a lot more then it should I am sure


Now, as for the full-size packaging, I do not own it but I have seen it online and in stores and I quite like it. It’s nothing to jump up and down about but it’s really cute, simple and doesn’t seem like it wastes a lot of packaging like the smaller version does.

I just want to get the scent of this product out of the way next, I don’t really remember a whole lot of a smell when it comes to this one. If there was one it was very light so I’d say even if you have sensitive skin you would probably be fine using this mask.

Before I start talking formula I am going share what this mask claims to do, that way we can see if it actually does what it claims to right off the bat.


This one hydrates, brightens and soothes flakey, red, and dry skin, a pretty standard mix and nothing too out there. The question is do I think it does what it claims? Based on my experience I would say yes.

I will say this, I do not have particularly dry, red or flaky skin, my skin is a little bit red in places and sometimes dry, though very rarely is it ever flaky.

I found that this mask did end up calming the little bit of redness that I do have and it brightened, my skin looked very much glowing after this mask and was also very soft, so I think it for sure does everything that it claims. Though, like I said I don’t have exactly the right skin type for this to really test out as well as I might like.

Overall, I do really like this mask and once I go through a few other masks I would really think about picking up a full size of this one, espcially once the winter season comes around because I bet this one would be great for that time of the year.

What’s your favorite face mask?


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