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Am I a True Virgo?

Am I A True Virgo_

I am mixing it up a little bit today and doing something a little bit different from what I typically do, but something that sounded fun. I saw this post a while ago and have been saving the idea for this month, I saw the post over on thediaryofellie and I thought it would be fun to talk a little bit about and see if I’m really a true Virgo. Especially since it is Virgo season and my birthday is in just a couple of days, so let’s dive in and see if I really am.

So, basically, what I’m going to do to see if I really fit the Virgo type, I’m going to pull a few traits and random things from various places on the web and see how well I relate to them as a Virgo, nothing too serious in case you were worried it would be. I am not heavily into Astrology, I just thought this would be kind of fun.

This is a little snippet off of this website here.

If I am being honest, I feel that I relate to this pretty well. I think that I am very much loyal, analytical and hardworking. I for sure am shy at first, I worry too much and am my own worst enemy in terms of critique. I also relate to the likes and dislikes pretty well, so if I were to just base everything on this one I would say that I am for sure a true Virgo and very much relate to this, but let’s do a little more investigating before I just commit to that.

I took this quiz here.

I went very scientific for this next one and took a buzzfeed quiz to find out what sign I really am, and it turns out that all signs point to Virgo in this one as well. I feel like I related pretty well to this as well, especially the part about the wheels constantly turning, I’m not sure I ever really shut down.


I agree with this one 100% as I really love the early morning. I just feel most productive early in the morning, it’s also very quiet and peaceful which is another perk for me. So, I say I identify well with this one.


I will say this, the bath bomb for my month is one that I do not like. I think it’s really fun to look at but in terms of scent, I really don’t like it. If I were to pick one, my favorite is hands down dragon’s egg.


Another one that I wanted to share because I do not agree with this one, my memory is quite impressive, so long as I pay attention. That’s my biggest problem is that I do not pay the most attention always.


I can completely relate to this one because I am for sure a petty person, at least in this way. I for sure am the type of person to text you back the exact amount of time it took you to respond or just not respond for a while.


The last thing that I did was put together a little collage based on searching the Virgo tag on Pinterest. I quite like this little group of things and think it sums up the Virgo sign pretty well.

So, in conclusion of this post, I think that I fit pretty well into the Virgo sign. Nothing I did here had any real reasoning or meaning behind it, but based on it I would say that it suits me pretty well. Maybe one day I’ll look more in depth to it, but for now I’m going to say that Virgo fits me.

Do you guys like Astrology?


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Am I a True Virgo


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