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August 2018 Lifestyle Favorites

August Lifestyle Favorites (2)

Now that I have finished talking all about my beauty product favorites, it’s time to talk about all of the other random things that I have been loving this month. You can check out last months here and now today we will get into the things I’ve loved during August.

I have actually written things down this month as I thought about them, so I have a pretty decent list of things to talk about instead of just scrambling to remember like I typically do. I do usually remember the big things I’ve been loving but sometimes I just forget about things when I sit down to write these things. Anywaaaay, let’s talk about some things I have loved in August.

I want to start by talking about my most recent tv obsession and that is My Hero Academia, I started watching this because I feel like so many people have talked about it and I kept watching it because I was hooked. I finished the first two seasons so far and now I really need to catch up on the third, I’m sure I’ll get to that shortly here.

I have rediscovered my love for my Tablet, mostly because I have been reading a bunch of comics and manga as of recently, which is most of the reason why I caught up on my reading challenge, it still counts though. Anyway, the tablet has been really fun for reading, playing games and watching videos.

Candles are another big favorite of mine, I love them all year round but recently have been really enjoying burning them and now that I know the weather is going to start cooling down here shortly, I will be enjoying it even more I am sure.

My next favorite is really random and something that is a favorite because of a shop that recently opened and that is popcorn. Yes, popcorn, I have a love for it deeply this month, especially this buffalo ranch popcorn from this place because it is hands down the best.


This next one seems to be a long term love that I am experiencing and that is Hint Watermelon Water. Which honestly doesn’t taste like a whole lot but yet I still find myself drinking it frequently, it’s very faint but very refreshing and I really enjoy it.

I think this is a forever favorite and I’m really glad I started using this instead of planners, that is Google Calendar, I use no paper and it’s always available at my fingertips so I love it. Is it weird to be really enjoying such a simple thing?

And the last thing is this sweater that I love far too much, I seriously wore this every night when I got home for at least a week, which may be a bit gross but this sweater is just too comfy. I will say, this is not the most flattering of sweaters, I think it looks fine but it is a bit boxy. I don’t care though because it is comfy. Also, the Target sleepwear section is hands down my favorite place for basic long sleeved things for the winter, super cozy and affordable.

August 2018 Playlist

This months playlist is a lot like last months, I know it is but I am still really into a lot of the same music that I was into last month, so I guess that’s why it’s still a lot of the same. I just like to keep this honest and to what I have been enjoying the most for the month.

And that is everything that I have been really enjoying this past month, a pretty random mix of things but it typically is and that’s kind of the point of these, sharing all the random bits and bobs that I have been loving. Especially popcorn and that darn sweater.

What are some things that you have been loving this month?


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