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Review: Anastasia Sugar Palette

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Long ago Anastasia released a sweets glow kit, a kit that I wish I has snatched up when I saw it come out because I would have preferred that to this one. But, that is not what today is about, today is about the fact that I did jump on my first glow kit a while ago and it happened to be this one that I settled on because it has half of the colors as the original one that I wanted. So, today I am here to talk a bit about this and give you my thoughts on this glow kit.

ABH Sugar (2)

I will be reviewing the Anastasia Sugar Glow Kit, I personally got mine from Ulta but you can pick this one up lots of different places. These glow kits will run you $40.00, which isn’t to terrible if you ask me. The comes down to $10 per highlighter and considering these are really large sized highlighter pans I think it’s a good deal.

Now, let me chat a little bit about the packaging. I like the overall look of the packaging, it’s pretty simple while still being somewhat interesting and have some personality to it. It doesn’t feel particularly nice, it’s pretty standard in terms of packaging as it’s just cardboard packaging, but it is thin and doesn’t feel like it’s going to break.

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This palette comes with four different shades, which you can see here, Marshmallow is a really white kind of shade with a really have a golden shift to it. Gum Drop is probably the darkest of the four and is duochrome, it has a kind of coral base with some red and gold shifts to it. Butterscotch is a really pretty golden bronze kind of shade, but it’s also not too dark and is actually really pretty. Then lastly is Starburst which is a light pink shade, kind of rose gold like and is honestly really a gorgeous shade. These are all really pretty shades and a little goes a long way with these.

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Now, let me cover the formula and wear of these a little bit better, these are fantastic highlighters and I can completely understand why these get so much love from basically everyone, which saying that might spoil this review a little bit.

With a light hand, these can be applied so that they look more natural on the skin, however, I find that you can build it up to whatever you are comfortable with, which does include a blinding highlight.

These powders are really soft and I don’t find that they have a lot of fallout, which is a great thing because as much as I love shimmer and glitter I don’t always want it all over my face.


Overall, I am really happy with this palette and think it’s a great one. It’s really easy to use, really buildable so you can have a more natural glow to the face or a blinding one. I think these are a great value if you love highlighter, if you don’t I would for sure skip over this one and probably just pick up a single highlighter, but for a makeup junkie such as myself I knew I had to pick up one of these glow kits eventually and I’m glad it was this one. This one is very wearable while also having a touch of interest to it.

Have you tried any of the glow kits?


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