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Shein Haul Part 2

Shein HaulPart One (1)

Last week I posted part one of this haul and this week I am back with part two, the final installment as well, for now anyway. Who knows, maybe I’ll make another Shein purchase for the fall and winter times, we’ll see. Anyway, let’s dive into this haul.


Sheinhaul (7)

This is such a fun little end of summer outfit, this would be great for any last minute barbeques or shindigs. The item I got from Shein is the shirt, it ran me $10.40. I paired it with a pair of denim shorts and a pair of bright yellow keds for a pop of color.

Sheinhaul (8)

This next one is so fun and colorful, while still being really casual and something that I feel like I could wear most places. I picked up the striped shirt for about $11.00, I paired it with a pastel skirt and a pair a pink Vans that I thought really rounded out the outfit. This isn’t my typical style but I love it.

Sheinhaul (10)

Another really simple but fun outfit is this one, I picked up the rainbow striped tee for $8.80, I paired it with some simple jeans and these bright yellow keds once again. A really simple look and a really comfy one as this shirt is a little bit roomy.

Sheinhaul (12)

This next outfit looks a little bit frumpy but I assure you on a body it’s really cute. These fun printed shorts cost me $10.20, I paired them with a really simple black tank, a gray cardigan, and some simple sandals. These shorts aren’t normal for me but I like them, though the little balls at the bottom get tangled up really easily.

Sheinhaul (11)

And now it’s time for the last outfit, a very fun and simple summer look. I got the shirt for about $9.00, I paired it with this simple but cute gingham shorts and lastly these yellow keds, that keep popping up all over these outfits. They are just fun and perfect for summer, just like the whole outfit.

And those are all of the things that I picked up from Shein. Overall, I am mostly happy with the sizing and the overall quality, these aren’t amazing or anything but for the price they are pretty good though I’ll have to wait and see how well they actually hold up. This site feels like a great way to add some trendy pieces that you won’t wear a ton for a really affordable price.

Have you ever ordered from Shein?


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