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25th Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist

Hello there on this lovely Saturday morning, or whenever you may be reading this, today I thought I might share a fun little birthday wishlist with you guys. I know, my Etsy finds this month were all birthday wishlist related but I figured I would share an overall wishlist of some things I am lusting after for my birthday in a couple of weeks, so let’s dive into a fun wishlist.


Coloured Raine Vivid Pigment Bundle – These look so bright and colorful, I’m kind of obsessed. I have been super into colorful eyeshadow as of recently and this looks right up my alley.

Futurino Women’s Cable Cardigan in Brown – I love this color, I love the look of this and it also looks so cozy, plus my birthday is near fall so this seems like a great thing to put on this list.

Milk Makeup Flex Concealer – I’ve been hearing a ton of things about this concealer recently and I just really want to try it out, which is typically the case when I purchase makeup. I’ve either heard about or just think it’s pretty, or maybe it’s just that it’s new.

Banned Retro Reveal Shirt Dress in Green Floral – This has been on a past list or two but I am still obsessed with it, at this point, I should probably just pull the trigger but I haven’t yet. I just can’t decide if I would ever actually wear it.

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip – I love nude lipsticks, I have about three shades total in far too many lipsticks, that’s how much of a fan of nude colors I am so this is right up my alley. I might need this,

Mary and the Witch’s Flower – This looks so good and cute, I just have to see this!

A New Day Women’s Top Handle With Lock Satchel in Lavender – Another item that I am unsure about sheerly because I am not sure it’s something that I would wear enough, but I think this is really cute and if someone I knew were to pick this up I wouldn’t be mad.

Juvia’s Place The Zulu Eyeshadow Palette – I am sure that I am going to end up getting this at some point, I’ve had a palette from Juvia’s Place before that I thought was great but just didn’t use enough, however, I think I would use these shades more frequently.


Van’s Old Skool in Ochre – I have these in light pink and I love them! I love them so much that I am really lusting after the second pair of these. This yellow shade really speaks to me right now and it seems like such a fun shade for all year round.

Ace Beaute Slice of Paradise Eyeshadow Palette – This is out of stock and I didn’t pull the trigger when it was still in stock, mostly because I lost my mind, so now I’m just lusting after this and waiting for it to restock.

Cambridge Select Ankle Boots in Dark Blush – I love this shade, these are just so attractive to look at. I also love booties, I already have far too many shoes and boots but I love them and don’t have anything like these ones.

Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Serum – I love all things watermelon and I love watermelon products, so I have been eyeing this since it came out but haven’t pulled the trigger.

Engineering Ensembles d’Orsay Bootie in Mustard – I don’t know that I would ever wear these but I think these are really cute. As you can tell, I’m still very much into yellow.

Universal Thread Cassandra Combat Boot in Black – I had a pair of these before and I wore these things so often, but I haven’t had a pair in a while so now I have my eyes on this pair from Target.

Sailor Moon R Movie – I will forever lover Sailor Moon and I loved watching these movies when I was younger, so even if these are terrible I am still really excited about these being released on a more current format.

Universal Thread Whisper Woven Mules in Black – I really want the brown one of these, but they are out of stock so I will settle for the black ones, however, if the brown ones come back in stock I can assure you that I’m going to jump on them.

And those are all of the things that I am currently lusting after for my birthday, a pretty unexciting list but still things that I am very interested in owning.

What are you currently wishing for?


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