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Dupe: Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow vs. Bliss What a Melon

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Time for my monthly dupe post, last month I talked all about lipsticks and this month is about face masks. I don’t know if I’ve ever done a dupe of skincare items, so I am excited to give this a whirl. This was inspired by a question on a recent face mask Friday about the Skinfood fresh made watermelon mask vs. the Glow Recipe one, and I debated for a while what I wanted to do. I settled on just putting these two up against each other since they are both sleeping masks and I might do another dupe post about the Glow Recipe vs. the Skinfood, but for now, I am going to see how these two compare.

Dupe (2)I had to get these masks at two different places, I personally picked up my Glow Recipe mask at Sephora for $45.00 and it comes with 2.07oz of product, which really isn’t a whole lot. The Bliss one I picked up over at Target just due to it being cheaper all the time than Ulta, this one ran me $12.99 for 1.7oz of product. So the Bliss one is a bit smaller but it’s also a lot cheaper, so I don’t really mind this. The other thing is that the Bliss one is a little bit easier to find as I know they stock it at Target, Ulta, and possibly other places, whereas the Glow Recipe is only in Sephora stores as far as I am aware.

I want to talk about the packaging for minute real quick, the packaging is not a dupe, typically packaging isn’t. These two do feel like completely different products. The Glow Recipe one is made of glass and in turn feels a lot more sturdy, whereas the Bliss one is made of plastic and doesn’t feel particularly cheap but in comparison it does. Honestly, I prefer the appearance of the Glow Recipe, it just looks cleaner and nicer.

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Let’s talk smell just a little bit, these both smell like watermelon but they have different scents to them. The Bliss one smells a little bit more like a watermelon candy whereas the Glow Recipe smells closer to fresh. Neither one is particularly strong but if you are super sensitive then I would avoid probably either one because they do have a fragrance to them.

Now, the part that everyone is really waiting for and that is talking about the formula of these two. These are both masks that you are supposed to leave on overnight or you can use as a regular rinse-off mask, thus far I’ve only used them overnight but I can tell that there is a slight difference between the two. The Bliss one is a little bit thicker and a little bit sticker, but I found that it dried faster, whereas the Glow Recipe is thinner and it felt like it took longer to dry. This Glow Recipe did a much better job at making my skin feel super soft and leaving it glowy the next morning, however, they both essentially do the same thing it’s just that the Bliss didn’t seem to perform as well.

If I am being honest I think that the Glow Recipe one is better, I prefer it and I really like it, however, I do think that these two are virtually the same product and you don’t really need to own both. I already do so I will use both up and though I do prefer the Glow Recipe I am not sure that I will repurchase it once I am done due to the price tag and the fact that these two are close enough that I could see using either one.

What kind of dupes would you like to see?


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