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Hello, I am back today with a big ‘ole tag to share with you, as per usual I wasn’t really tagged I just saw this tag and wanted to do it so here I am. I saw this over on quitesimplystella and she split her’s into multiple posts, which is pretty smart. I am not so smart and am going to do all of the questions in one post, so grab a drink and a snack ’cause it’s going to be a long one.


What Is Your Favorite Makeup Brand? 

Starting this tag off with a hard question, that’s fun. I think if I had to choose my favorite makeup brand would probably be NYX, it’s affordable, they keep up with the trends and have some really great products, while also having some serious flops.

What is Your Favorite Cosmetic?

Probably lipstick.

What Brand’s Eyeliner Do You Love The Most? 

Physicians formula, hands down, no contest.

Name The Brand That Ever Caused You a Skin Allergy:

I’m not sure I’ve ever had an allergic reaction from cosmetics.

Which Three Cosmetics Are Always In Your Handbag?

Lip balm, lipstick, and lipgloss

A Concealer Or Foundation? What Do You Apply First?

A foundation, of course.

An Eyeliner or Mascara? What Is Your Favorite?

Probably mascara, I was team eyeliner forever but I think I’ve shifted.

Which Blush Color Is Your Favorite?

I love mauve shades, so more autumnal shades are my favorites

Name a Cosmetic Product That You Avoid Using In Summer:

I don’t think I really avoid anything in particular.

Name a Cosmetic Product That You Avoid Using In Winter:

Probably bronzer, I still use it some but I really lighten up with it because I am seeing even less sunshine in the winter.

Which Face Wash Is Your Favorite?

Philosophy Purity is the best, it gets all my makeup off and is super gentle.

Which Color Lipstick Do You Prefer During Summer?

Nudes, pink and corals.

Which Color Lipstick Do You Prefer During Autumn?

Berry, nude and mauve shades.

Name The Makeup Brand That You Want To Buy But Can’t Afford:

Charlotte Tilbury, I’m so interested but it’s so expensive.

Name Your Favorite Beauty Soap:

I don’t really use a lot of actual soap bars. Also, maybe I’m missing something but I don’t really know what a beauty soap is.

Name Your Favorite Shampoo: 

Love, beauty and planet coconut water & mimosa flower shampoo is my favorite at the moment.

What Do You Prefer – A Straightener or Curler?

Curler. I don’t like my hair super straight that much, I think it looks weird and flat.

How Much Time Do You Prefer For Party Makeup?

I would probably say about an hour, depending on exactly what I’m doing. An hour just feels like a really good amount to get pretty much anything done well and proper.

Good Clothes or Good Makeup? What Is More Difficult to Choose?

I think it depends completely on how I am feeling, some days it’s harder to choose clothing and others it’s harder to choose makeup, but more frequently I think I would have to say clothing. I find it harder to make up my mind about what I want to wear.

Do You Like Multi-Functional Cosmetic Products?

No, they usually don’t work that well but for one or two things at most.

Name The Product You Cannot Leave Without:

Lip balm of some sort, can’t leave the house without it in my bag or on my face.

How Many Lipstick Do You Have Right Now?

Too many, it’s a serious problem and it’s growing.

What Is Your Favorite Color Lipstick?

Any your lips but better shade, those are my favorite and go to shades, they are just super easy to wear.

Which Cosmetic Product Do You Not Remove While Sleeping?

Nothing, unless we are talking like moisturizer or lip balm in which case I keep those on usually.

Name The Body Lotion You Use:

It switches around a lot but currently, I’m using a mini of The Body Shop’s Body Butter in the scent satsuma, which is my favorite scent from there.

Which Moisturizer is Your Favorite?

Estee Lauder nightwear, I like the day wear but not nearly as much. Honestly, I use the nightwear during the daytime with some sunscreen and I love it.

Do You Still like using Baby Lotion?


Which Celebrity Do You Follow For Hairstyling?

None, I don’t really care about hairstyles.

Name Your Favorite Beauty Salon:

I do not have one.

How Often Do You Use Contact Lenses?

Never. I have never worn contact lenses, only glasses.

What Color Contact Lens Is Your Favorite?


Have You Ever Tried Eastern Makeup Styles?

No, not really that I know of.

Which Country’s Makeup Is Your Favorite?

I’m honestly not really sure and have never really put a lot of thought into it.

Has Someone Ever Made Fun Of Your Makeup?

Not that I am aware of. I have done some weird looks and some bold looks, but no one has ever said anything to me.

What Age Did You Begin Wearing Makeup?

Probably around age 14 or 15. I was super into bright purple eyeshadow, lots of blush and barbie pink lipstick. It was a look, for sure.

What Was The First Beauty Product You Tried?

I honestly don’t remember but I am sure it is something lip related, knowing me.

Name The Celebrity You Hate For Their Makeup: 

I know it sounds boring, but no one really comes to mind. There isn’t a single person I can think of that I hate for their makeup or even hate all of their looks.

Do You Ever Put Makeup On Someone Else?


Which Beauty Product Would You Recommend for Summer?

Probably bronzer, the perfect product to give yourself a little summer glow.

Which Brand Has The Most Attractive Packaging?

I love The Balm ’cause it’s super cute but also I really like a lot of Nars packaging, until it gets dirty that is.

Suppose There Is Only One Beauty Product Left in the World, What Would You Want It To Be?

Probably some type of multi-purpose balm, so I can keep my skin moisturized all over.

How Many Mascara Coats Do You Put On?

Around two or three at most.

Black or Glitter Mascara? 


How Much Money Do You Spend On Beauty Products Each Month?

It honestly depends on the month, some months I’m just not really into buying beauty and other months it’s like I’ve lost my mind, but I’m trying to get a better hold on it as of recently.

Only Lipstick or With a Lipliner, Which Do You Prefer?

Usually, just lipstick because I am lazy.

What’s Your Favorite Bath and Body Brand?

Probably Lush, I like a lot of smaller brands as well and random brands but overall Lush is a brand that I can pick up multiple things from easily.

Do You Like To Try Different Skin Products or Use The Same?

I mostly stick to the same things but every now and then I like to switch things up.

Name Your Preferable Shop For Beauty Products:

Ulta, because their rewards system is pretty great and they have a huge selection of brands, which I like.

Have You Ever Tried A Mixed Foundation of Two Different Brands?

Yes, I’ve done that a handful of times before.


What’s The Color of Your Favorite Eye Pencil?


Do You Prefer Kajal or Eye Mascara?

Just the standard normal kind of mascara.

If You Had The Chance – What Cosmetic Surgery Would You Get?

If I’m being honest, I probably wouldn’t get any cosmetic surgery, it just doesn’t sound like something I’d want to do.

Have You Tried To Resemble a Favorite Celebrity Using Makeup?

 For sure, I can’t really remember who or when but I am sure that I have.

Have You Ever Followed Any Celebrity Hair or Makeup?

I’m sure I have.

Which Hair Dye Color is Your Favorite?

For me personally, I prefer my hair when it’s a darker shade of brown, it’s my favorite because it looks better to me and it’s still natural. I’ve always wanted to dye my hair a soft cotton candy pink or a dark green, I just think they are super pretty but I’ve never been able to muster up enough to do it.

Which Brand’s Hair Dye Do You Use?

I haven’t dyed my hair in a long while, but I’m pretty sure I’ve used most brands in the past and don’t have a particular favorite.

Hair Gloss or Highlights – Which Would You Prefer?


Do You Have a Beauty Budget or Buy What You Like?

A little of both.

Define Beauty in One Sentence:

Doing whatever makes you feel good.

Share The Funniest Makeup Memory of Yours:

I’ve been wracking my brain over this question and I just can’t come up with a good story that is funny, at least one that is funny and involves makeup.

Discounted Products or Branded?

I like both. I like to try all sorts of products.

Do You Share Your Beauty Products With Anyone?

Not really, sometimes if a friend is visiting she’ll use something in a pinch but otherwise, no.

What’s Your Favorite Nail Color Brand?

This one is hard, it’s either Zoya, China Glaze or Polish Me Silly.

What Kind of Coverage Do You Like From a Foundation?

Typically medium coverage, I never really need full coverage though I do use a lot of full coverage foundations as well as medium. I just like somewhere in the middle because it typically feels more comfortable on the skin.

A Simple Nail Color or Design?

Usually simple, sometimes I get fancy with a design.

What Is Your Most Liked High-End Brand?

Nars probably.

A Perfect Makeup or Food?


What’s Your Favorite Contrast For Nails? 

Red and gold.

Name The Person Who Taught You To Pick Colors:

I just pick a color.

Do You Wear Fake Eyelashes?

I’m trying to learn how to do them so I have them as an option sometimes.

Share Your Worst Moment of Wearing Fake Eyelashes?

I do not have a lot of experience with them yet, so there hasn’t really been a terrible moment… yet.

Has Anyone Praised Your Eye Color While Wearing Contacts?


What Is Your Favorite Drugstore Brand?


What’s Your Best Blush Alternative in a Pinch?

Lipstick, it doubles great as a blush.

Describe Your Perfect Mascara in One Sentence:

Keeps my lashes separate but long, also very black and not too wet.

Have You Ever Put Mascara Accidentally on Your Eyes?

Of course, I have for sure poked myself in the eye with a mascara wand multiple times before and it always really sucks.

Do You Like a Lipstick Only or Use It With Lipgloss?

Mostly by itself but sometimes I layer them.

A Simple Lipgloss or Glitter?

Simple most of the time.

What is Your Favorite Hair Product?

My favorite hair product is hands down the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy-Tri Wheat Leave In Conditioner. I go through that stuff like it’s water, it’s my favorite.

Do You Like Using Different Nail Paints at Once?

Well, if you count top and base coat then yes, always. If you don’t then no, just sometimes.

Do You Ever Consider Taking Makeup Classes?

Maybe once or twice but then I’m like nah, I can figure it all out for myself eventually with practice.

Which Brands Lipstick Gets Removed While Eating?

All of them pretty much. I have met very few lipsticks that hold up against eating, especially greasy things and oils.

How Many Times Do You Use Face Wash?

Two times a day, max.

Which Makeup Remover Do You Prefer?

Garnier Waterproof Micellar Water Wipes, those are my favorites.

What Three Difference Do You Feel With/Without Makeup?

Honestly, I don’t really feel a whole lot of a difference other than when I wear makeup I feel excited about putting it on.

Do You Use Makeup Base For The Eyes As Well?


Do You Like To Gift Makeup Kit To Your Friends?

Yes, only if I know they are into makeup, I think it’s really fun to gift them things even though I know it’s risky.

Name a Beauty Product You Always Want To Steal From Your Mom:

I have never had any inclination to take beauty products from my mom, my sister, maybe but not my mom. And at this point, I don’t think there is anything I want to steal from her because I probably already have it.

Which Fairness Cream Is Your Favorite?

I’m not sure I know what a fairness cream is, is it something that lightens the skin? Because if so, I do not have one.

How Many Times Do You Use Fairness Cream?


Have You Ever Tried Cleansing and Facial With Natural Products?

Of course, I have tried a handful of natural products.

Which Natural Beauty Product is Your Favorite?

I’m not really using anything at the moment but typically I really love the Lush Let The Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser, I mostly use this in the winter time.

Which Fashion Magazine Do You Read For Hair/Beauty Tips?

I don’t.

What Three Beauty Tips Do You Recommend?

Do whatever makes you happy, trendy or not.

Always wear sunblock of some sort.

Don’t forget a lip balm with SPF.

Do You Believe in Using Anti-Aging Creams?

I am using a couple of product and I’m not sure how much they actual work, so maybe?

Did Any Cream Ever Cause You an Allergy?

Nothing comes to mind.

Do You Choose Foundation According to Your Undertone?

Yes, usually.

Skincare or Makeup – Which is More Important?

Skincare always. I love makeup and think it’s super fun, but skincare is really important.

What Makeup Tools Do You Use While Putting on Makeup?

Brushes mostly, but I also use sponges and an eyelash curler, sometimes tweezers if I’m trying to touch up my brows.

Which Makeup Tool Is Always In Your Handbag?

I don’t actually carry makeup tools with me.

Which Hair Color Dye Was Your Worst Experience?

I had a nightmare experience when trying to dye my hair pink, we bleached my hair which wasn’t that uncommon for me at the time and the bleach had some sort of weird ass reaction. It turned to the consistency of rubber cement and it took us about two hours to fully get it out of my hair, which resulted in super damaged hair and me cutting off probably six inches of hair. Also, because I was so annoyed with the whole thing I ended up dying my hair close to my natural color and haven’t dyed it since. That was just a terrible time.

What Is Your Eyeshadow Color?

I love playing with all sorts of eyeshadow colors.

Heavy or Natural Makeup?

Depends on how I’m feeling, but typically natural for day to day makeup.

Do You Use Cake Eyeliner or Liquid?


What Is Your Experience With Pigment Eyeshades?

Pretty good really, sometimes they are a little messy but overall I like them.

What Is Your Favorite Contract Color for Eyeshadows?

Gold and Brown.

Suggest a Thing That Makeup Lovers Should Never Miss:

Ulta 21 days of beauty, which I believe is coming up shortly.

If you have made it this far then you are a champ, this post was way too long to have done in one post but having it all done now I am going to commit to it. I’m going to actually tag people, the three people I’m going to tag are Emilyclare, talesofbelle, southernlightatlantanights and of course anyone else who wants to do this tag.

Will you be doing this tag?


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