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Shein Haul Part One

Shein HaulPart One

Today I am sharing some more fashion related content, part one of a haul that ended up much bigger than I intended it to. It started out with me just being like, ‘I’ve heard a lot about this site, let’s try out a couple of things for myself.’ which ended with three different purchases over a month or so, now that everything has come in I figured it was time to share with you guys.

Sheinhaul (1)

The first outfit I have put together is something really casual and fun for the summer, I paired this color blocked tee shirt from Shein that ran me $10.00 with a pair of dark denim shorts and a pair of floral Keds. Simple and cute. This shirt is actually a lot nicer than I expected it to be, I have only worn it two or three times but it feels really well constructed and I just really love this shirt.

Sheinhaul (2)

This next outfit is something that is really out of my comfort zone but is something that I think is really cute. I got these fun floral print pants for $15.00, I paired these pants with a fun ruffle off the shoulder white tee and a pair of strappy brown sandals. A really great look, something simple and flowy that’s perfect for a little bit more of a dressy situation, also a great transitions between seasons.  These pants are actually pretty nice, they fit as they should and I’m happy with them.

Sheinhaul (3)

Now, for something fun and that makes me long for the beach, it’s been far too long since I’ve been to the beach and I’m really just itching to go. Anyway, I picked up these flowy shorts from Shein for $12.00 and paired it with a simple black off the shoulder tee and then a pair of strappy brown sandals. These shorts are a little bit sheer but I not so sheer that I can’t wear them, I just have to wear lighter undergarments with them. Otherwise these shorts are fun and cute.

Sheinhaul (5)

Now for something a little sporty and casual, the item I picked up from Shein are these simple but fun little rainbow striped shorts that ran me $8.00, I also picked out a bright orange tank, a pair of fun yellow Keds and a long blue necklace, something fun and a little sporty. I really love these shorts, these seem to be made pretty well, they are soft and they are comfortable.

Sheinhaul (6)

And my last outfit is something a little bit out there for me but not super out there, this is a fun little outfit I put together that I think would be a good going out look. The skirt ran me $10.00 and is currently out of stock. I paired this cute grid skirt with a golden yellow velvet tank top and a pair light colored booties. This skirt is pretty nice, it fits well and it hits a nice length.

And that is part one of my haul, I have a part two coming next week because I didn’t want to just dump a ton of photos on you, so stay tuned for the conclusion of this haul.

What are your feelings on Shein?


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