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Test It Tuesday: Mad Bear Beauty

Try It Tuesday_MadBearBeauty

It is time to test out a few products that I found on Etsy, last month I was talking about nail polish and this month it is all about a few bath products that I recently picked up from Mad Bear Beauty, so let’s dive right into the bath.

Up first is the Starburst bath bomb, I can’t pull up the listing and link things because the shop is currently on vacation but that’s alright. This bath bomb is really cute, though I don’t think it looks like the most exciting bath bomb, not that it’s boring either. But, once this hit the water it was an explosion of pink, orange and yellow, just like the star itself. I think this one was really great in the water.

This one was a pretty average fizzer, it seemed about right, this one was very moisturizing as well which I love. This bath bomb smells a lot like candy to me, more specifically it smells straight up like sweet tarts and I really enjoy this. I would for sure suggest picking up one of these if you like slightly tart candy-like scents.

The second bath bomb that I tried out was the Toucan bath bomb, based on it’s appearance I wasn’t really sure what to expect. It’s white, a teal base and yellow and red on top, so I figured it would probably end up a shade of green but I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. This bomb wasn’t quite as interesting as some in the bath, it was still pretty though. Mostly shades of blue, green and purple with little pops of others here and there.

This bath bomb was a slow fizzer, it felt like it took a while for it to fully fizz away but that’s alright with me. This bomb smelled exactly like fruit loops to me, it was rather impressive to smell. This one was also really moisturizing and made the water feel really nice, I loved it. The scent lingered and it was just a nice experience

. The last bath bomb I have today is the After The Rain bath bomb, which is really cute and I love the look of. This one is a white cloud with rainbow stripes on it, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one completely but I was expecting something really fun due to all of the colors on the outside. Once this one hit the water I wasn’t disappointed, this was an explosion of colors, all of the colors of the rainbow, it is hands down the best bath art that I’ve ever seen in person. So, this one is fantastic in terms of a show in the water.

The bomb also took a little while to completely fizz out but I think that’s partly to do with size, either way, it wasn’t that big of a deal. This bomb was moisturizing and the scent lingered. The scent of this one was kind of sweet and candy-like but there was a touch of green-ness to it as well. I really liked this one though the scent was my least favorite of the three.

Overall, I really liked these bath bombs and really want to pick up more, I think I might have to once they open their shop again. These bath bombs are super pretty, they smell great and they feel great. So, it’s safe to say that these are a pass in my book.

What are some of your favorite Etsy shops?


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