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July 2018 Haul

August 2018 Shop My Stash (3)

Yes, I am once again on a no buy but all of these purchases were made during the month of July, which I think I was also attempting to do a no buy but clearly that did not go very well. Spoiler, this month isn’t going great either, I’m going to do well one day. Anyway, my failures mean that you guys get to enjoy a haul and see all of the things that I didn’t really need but now own and get to use.


As you can see by this first photo I had a little colourpop mini haul, I just really wanted to try the face stuff so I placed an order and picked up a couple other things to get free shipping.

Colourpop No Filter Sheer Pressed Powder in Fair – Honestly, I’m not that excited about this but I figured since the base products were on sale for a group price it wouldn’t hurt giving this a shot. Who knows, maybe it’ll beat my favorite pressed face powder?

Colourpop Creme Gel Liner in Prance – I’ve had my eye on this for a little while now, it just looks really pretty and now it is mine to play with.

Colourpop No Filter Foundation in Fair 05 – This is the real reason that I made this order, I’ve been hearing a lot about this foundation and how great it is, so I wanted to take it for a spin myself. I am a little grumpy that my pump doesn’t work but I can make this foundation work still.

Colourpop No Filter Setting Powder in Translucent – I love loose setting powders and am really jazzed about trying this one out, it is pretty small but it’s also not very expensive so I’m not mad at it. I do appreciate that you can remove the sifter really easily though.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Slave2Pink – This was so bright and fun that I just had to pick this one up, I am really loving fun and colorful shadows right now and this is right up my alley.


Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Christmas Cookie – I found this on sale and had to pick it up, I love this formula and the color was right up my alley, excited to use this one.

Mac Fashion’s Field Day Single Pan Eyeshadow – I picked this up on a whim like everything else, I just really wanted a pretty shimmery pink eyeshadow. Or more a coral I guess, this looks a lot like a blush but it’s an eyeshadow.

NYX Honey Dew Me Up Primer – I’ve been eyeing this one for a little while now pulled the trigger on a recent Amazon order so I could get free shipping, this seems like it’ll be a great product for the upcoming cold months. I know they are coming even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.

Lorac I Love Brunch Lipsticks in Brunch Queen & Foodie – These were an impulse purchase at TjMaxx and I’m not sure I should have gotten these, these are very much outside of my comfort zone but maybe I will love them.

Almary Smart Shade Blush in Pink – This just looked really pretty and I think it will be.


Bad Habit Fantasia Palette – This is a dupe for the Natasha Denona Tropic palette, which looks so pretty but is so expensive, so when they came out with this I figured it was worth a shot, especially because I’ve had pretty good experience with palettes from Hush.

BYS Face Duo Highlight and Blush – This was such a random find but something that I am hoarding for a future makeup post, I’m collections bit and bobs here and there for it.

Dollhouse Cosmetics Neon Stack – I saw this on Instagram right before they restocked and I really wanted it, so here it is. The packaging is terrible and I plan on picking up extra jars for it because the packaging is such a pain, but so far the product is great and I’m really happy with it.


This one is something that I had never heard of and the beautydealsbff Instagram. I saw some swatches, read some reviews and was sold because it was a good sale.

Sydney Grace Cream Shadows in Wish, Mistletoe, Warm Weather, Seashore and Lake Days – Are the shades that I have picked up, so far I have used a couple of them and I can say that these were really great purchases and a really good deal. Excited to try these all out.

And that is my haul, not as big as they typically are but that’s probably a good thing. I’m really happy with all of my purchases and am excited to try everything out, which I am sure you guys have heard far too many times from me, in this post alone. But yeah, I am excited to play with all of the makeup.

What have you hauled recently?

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