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July 2018 Lifestyle Favorites

July 2018

Now that we’ve talked all about this months beauty favorites it is time to talk about all of the other random little bits and bobs that I have really been loving this month. Last month I talked about how I was going to write things down but once again I have not done that, so we are going to keep hoping that I can remember everything that I was super into this past month.

I have a lot of food and snack favorites this month, the first is the Cornbread Crisps from Trader Joe’s, these are so tasty and I consumed them in record time.

Taro Boba is another thing that I am super into right now, it’s not something I get a lot but when I do I am super excited. I also recently learned you can buy boba powder on Amazon and make it at home, which has been what I’ve been doing, it’s so tasty.

I’ve been really enjoying reading the book Flavor: The Science of Our Most Neglected Sense. It’s taking me far too long to finish this book but I am really enjoying reading this book.


My New Desk is another thing that I’ve been loving, I’m pretty sure that I got it in the month of July and I have been really loving it, so I had to mention it. I also love the fact that the top is white as it makes for the perfect backdrop, it’s fairly large and it is placed right in front of a huge window so it makes it perfect for all blog photos.

I don’t think I can say enough about Watermelon Hint Water because I am drinking that stuff constantly at this point, I’m not sure what it is about this stuff but I love it. It barely tastes like watermelon but it’s so fresh and crisp, I’m a big fan.

And the last thing that I really want to mention is Salt N Suga because I can and it did start in July technically. I am sure I’ll probably mention it again but I was super excited and had a lot of fun with this already, just imagine how much I’ll enjoy it this month when I’m writing actual content.


You can listen to this playlist right here.

And those are pretty much all of my random monthly favorites from July, a lot of snacks and drinks this month but then again it’s always kind of like that. I really think this post is just for me to share all of my current favorite snacks and songs with you guys.

What things have you been loving during the month of July?


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