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July 2018 Favorites + Face

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Yes, it’s time again to do another favorites post and talk all about the products that I really loved during the month of July. Last month was a little lackluster and honestly, so was this month. I had the intention to really try out products and have fun, which I did a little but I have been so busy in July with work and half of the month my face hurt so I just didn’t want to rub makeup onto it. Anyway, let’s just dive into the picks I have for this month.


I do not have a lot of favorites this month and half of them are from last month, but I still really like them and want to talk about them.

Essence Fresh & Fit Foundation – I want to start out by saying that I completely hate the smell of this foundation, it’s not super strong but lightly floral scented and I could do without that. Otherwise, I really like this foundation. I think it’s a good color match for my skin and it leaves my skin look a little dewy and fresh, which is great for the summer. It’s also not too heavy, which is even more bonus points.

Caked Suga Suga Scrub in Cotton Candy – This might be the best lip scrub I have ever used, not that I’ve tried a ton but I have made my rounds a little bit. This is very loosely packed but super moisturizing tastes amazing and does a really great job at buffing the dead skin off of my lips.

Lime Crime Plushies in Melon Smoothie – This is something that is very new to me and something that I have been loving majorly this month, it’s a great shade for summer. I love that I can sheer out this color a little bit or build it up depending on how I’m feeling. I also love the way this lasts on the lips, how comfortable it is and it smells really good.

Smashbox Primer Water – This is something in my project pan that I have been using a lot more this month and I am actually really liking it, which I was not expecting since it seems to be just water. I like the way this feels, I like the way it makes my makeup look and I think it prolongs the wear of my makeup, I am very impressed by something that simply looks like water.

SkinFix Natural Candy Cane Lip Repair Balm – This is here again because I can’t believe how long it took me to get around to trying this one, it’s so good and I love it a lot. I think this scent is really great without being overpowering, I think it tingles a little and does a really great job at moisturizing the lips.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray – This is still my favorite setting spray, especially in the summertime, it does a great job all year round but it’s particularly great during the months of summer because it has so much more to have to combat. This smells fine, this has a pretty nice mist and I just really like it.


My face of the month pick for this month is my eyeshadow look from my Mulan inspired look this month. I know it’s not a whole face look but I chose this one because I like it the most and haven’t done a ton of looks from this month. This one is super cute and just my favorite look from the month.

And those are all of my favorites, a really boring mix of things but a mix of things that I do really love. I am hoping to get back into the swing of actually playing with makeup during the month of August which should hopefully lead to some new favorites, we will just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

What are some of your July favorites?


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July 2018 Favorites + Face


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