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Why July 2018 Was Awesome + Goals

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July is over and now we welcome August, honestly I have mixed feelings about this because I am still a child at heart I am excited that we are getting closer to my birthday but I am not excited about getting closer to cold weather. I guess it’s going to happen whether I like it or not. Last month I set some goals, so let’s see how I did with those.

This year feels so weird, meaning the beginning of the year drug on forever then it started picking up, now it still feels like the months are whizzing by but looking back on the year it feels like two days ago was months, I’m not really sure how this all works but it is very annoying.

Anyway, like every other month I don’t really have anything particularly exciting to talk about this month, my life is boring but at the same time that is something that I don’t really mind because that means no one is irritating me and I’m not having to deal with any drama. I did get my wisdom teeth removed at the beginning of the month which was annoying, but I finally got it done and it was a long process, or so it felt to me.

My husband and I did start a food blog that we will be posting on twice a week if you’re interested in that.

Get Three Books Ahead: Nope. did not do this at all. I don’t know what has happened to me but I have fallen off the reading books wagon and am behind at this point in time.

Get a Work Out Schedule: I have failed at this as well, I really need to get back into this but I just didn’t motivate myself to do this.

Driving More: I have been doing this a ton more and I’m getting there, I don’t think I’m the best drive yet but I’m not a mess any longer either.

No Buy: I did so well in June that I really wanted to see how well I could do in July, it is safe to say that I did not do well, which you will see this month because I will be posting a haul. I tried though.

Spending Tracking: I didn’t do this at all either, I really wanted to and thought that it would be a good idea to start doing this but I simply haven’t done it and this is another goal that I didn’t reach.

Overall I really failed at almost all of my goals for this month, which is really disappointing but maybe I can crush the goals I set for myself next month.


Alright, now it is time to go over some new goals for the month of August, which will really be repeats of last month basically.

Get one book ahead of schedule: I fell off hard here so I’m setting my goal small for this month by aiming to get one book ahead, which I’m thinking will be pretty easy.

Get back into working out: I failed at this last month and really want to get this one crushed again, I’m just hoping to be in a better routine before the holiday’s come around again.

Eating better: An endless goal that I am hoping to focus on a bit more during the month of August.

No buy: This one is something that I am hoping to do because I know that September is the 21 days of beauty and also my birthday, so that will probably be a month that I pick up too many things, which to combat that I am hoping to do a no buy in August and October.

Handwriting: I’m sure no one knew this, but I do have terrible handwriting and I’m really wanting to try and improve it so I’m hoping to do a little something to try and improve on it, we’ll see how that goes.

And that’s it folks, my wrap up of July and my goals for August, nothing too exciting but it never really is.

What are your goals for August?


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