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Packaging Made Me Buy It

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I’ve had this idea sitting on the back burner for a few months now, mostly because I was waiting until I felt like I had enough products that fell into this category. I finally feel like I have enough things to talk about, so let’s just jump in and see what kinds of things I picked up for the packaging.


Lime Crime Pocket Candy in Pink Lemonade – $34.00 – This is something that I bought for the packaging completely, this was just too cute and really nostalgic for someone who used to have Poly Pockets. The eyeshadow itself is okay, but the packaging is what really drew me in. If you want to check out my review on it you can see it here.

Sailor Venus Lipstick – $47.95 – I could not help myself when I saw this, well, I didn’t snatch it up immediately but after a few months of debate I knew that I had to have it, even though the price was a bit steep. I do like the lipstick and I think the packaging is stunning, hands down one of my favorite pieces of makeup I own.

Dose Of Colors Blush in Amazemint – $22.00 – This packaging doesn’t look like anything super exciting but I just really love the shade of it that I had to pick up at least a couple of things from this line. I really like this blush, so I do not regret it at all.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – $24.00 – This is something I bought partly due to the packaging and partly due to the fact that everyone and their dog was talking about this when it came out. I really love this mascara and I think the fact that it looks like a curling wand is too cute.

Too Faced Love Flush in How Deep Is Your Love? – $26.00 – This is something that I knew I had to have the second I saw it, even if it wasn’t great because the packaging was so damn cute. I do have three of these and I really like the formula while also thinking that these are the cutest blush packaging that I have.

Etude House Dear Darling Tint in Dark Pink – $7.64 – I love these, at first I bought my first one because the packaging was so cute but upon using it and smelling it, I now have a couple more and am hoping to pick up all of the shades. This can be sheered out super easily but this can also be built up, it’s very comfortable, it stains the lips and it smells amazing like candy.

I don’t think this is a ton of products, but I think this was enough for me to do this post and maybe I’ll do another one sometime in the future as I collect more things that I pick up because of the packaging. That’s not something I do a lot though, but sometimes I pick things up partly to try out and partly because the packaging is too cute to pass up, so maybe if I keep that in mind I’ll have another one of these posts ready before I know it.

What are some products you purchased just for the packaging?


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