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Influenster: Blackehead Solutions

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Hello, today is all about a product that I received for free to try through Influenster, I completely forgot to take photos of it we will be without photos of the product for this review. I also gave this to my husband to try mostly because he has more of a problem with blackheads, so this little review will be based on what he had told me and the changes I may or may not see in his skin.

I usually start these reviews out by talking about the packaging, but as this is a sample size and you can’t really see it because I have completely forgotten to take photos of this product, I will just say this; it’s a very simple and standard mini sized squeeze tube.

I’m just going to talk a little bit about the product, this says to use it every day essential as a cleanser but you can use it as a mask and leave on for about five minutes twice a week, so that is what he has been doing since I received this in the mail. The product itself is a really light blue color and has almost a clay mask texture to it, it has a very fine sand like texture to it, it’s barely noticeable but it does have a tiny bit of exfoliation to it.

This pretty much just smells like skincare, you know what I mean? That slightly generic skincare kind of scent, it’s not offensive or anything just a typical and generic scent.

Anyway, I’m sure what you really want to know is how well this works and honestly, I think it works alright. This works better than a lot of other things the both of us have tried but thus far it’s not like a miracle cure or anything like that, but it does appear to be alright. So, overall, I would say that this product is fine, it’s not terrible but I don’t think it’s anything to jump up and down about.


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