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First Impression Friday: Lime Crime Plushies

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Last months first impression Friday was all about the  Silicone Sponge and this month it is all about lips. I will be giving you guys my first impression on one of the Lime Crime Plushie lip colors, this one in particular is in the shade Melon Smoothie which is one of the newer shades that they’ve released. Let’s see what I thought after one day of wearing this one.

IMG_0767I picked mine up at Ulta because at this point in time it is safe to say that Ulta is basically my one stop shop for most things. I picked it up for $20.00 and it comes with 0.11oz of product, which appears to be within the realm of normal sized. And, because I make no sense whatsoever, this is the second one that I’ve purchased before even trying out the first one. Luckily, it did not come back to haunt me but that may not have been the smartest of moves.


Now, to start by talking about the packaging. I’m on the fence about the packaging just because I don’t love the bear that is printed on it, it’s fine it just feels a bit juvenile granted so does most of Lime Crime, but this one isn’t my favorite. Anyway, I do think it feels fine and I do like the name branded on the tube itself, I just really like the font. I think the tube feels sturdy and the applicator is pretty typical, nothing earth shattering but overall nicely packaged.


Now, it’s time to dip into the formula. I rather like this formula, it’s a lot more wearable and comfortable than most liquid lipstick, the only drawback is that it doesn’t seem to last as long but it does still set so I didn’t really notice a lot of transfer. This formula is also a little bit on the more sheer side of things but I kind of like that, it makes it really easy for me to wear something a little sheerer or just build it up when I’m feeling more in the mood for a bolder look. I like the option and overall the formula. I think the last thing that really needs to be mentioned with this one is that it does have a scent, it smells different than my other one and it has a sweet and fruity kind of scent to it, which I enjoy but I also understand that not everyone enjoys scented products.

I applied it a couple of times throughout the day and it did alright, it was worn off by the end of the night but like I said, it was rather comfortable so I wasn’t expecting anything major from it. I am eyeing the shade Violet still, it’s not a color I typically reach for but for some reason, I am super interested in it, especially after seeing how easy it is to sheer these out. I am really happy with this formula, as you might be able to tell.

What products would you like me to do a first impression on?


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3 thoughts on “First Impression Friday: Lime Crime Plushies

  1. I’m with you 100% in regards to Ulta being my one-stop shop! I literally go there for everything! And I’ve looked into Lime Crime lippies before but for whatever reason have never pulled the trigger. Maybe I’ll finally give one a go next time I go into Ulta. Thanks for sharing! xo

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    1. Ulta is fantastic. I like Lime Crime lippies pretty well, especially this formula, it’s better than their regular velvetines just due to being more comfortable. Thanks for reading!


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