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Dupe: Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Vs. Essence Kiss The Frog

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Time for another duper post, last month was all about the blue versions of these two so it only made sense to me that this month be about the green ones. I’m so disappointed that the third one from each brand is different, the Essence one is purple and the Lipstick Queen one is yellow, they also don’t have the same end results so I probably won’t even be talking about either one. Anyway, let’s dive in and see if these two products are dupes.


I personally picked up both of these products from Ulta, it was just easiest for me. The Lipstick Queen one will run you $25.00 for 0.12oz of product, which is a little steep for something that is gimmicky, even though I do like these lipsticks. The Essence one will run you $3.49 and comes with 0.169oz of product, so a little bit more product for a fraction of the cost.

Now, the next step in all of my reviews is talking about the packaging, and just like the packaging last month, these two are for sure not dupes at all in terms of that, which I can look past. I will say that I do prefer the Lipstick Queen packaging over the Essence one, it just feels nice, looks nicer and doesn’t feel as childlike as the Essence one does. So, these two have nothing in common in terms of packaging.

IMG_0764Throughout this post the top one will always be the Essence and the bottom will be the Lipstick Queen, it even kind of applies to the photo above.

Anyway, now it is time to talk a little bit about the formula of these two, which honestly remind me a lot of the last two that I did a dupe post on.


I for sure prefer the Lipstick Queen over the Essence in terms of feel on the lips. They don’t feel drastically different but I do feel the difference and the Lipstick Queen one feels more moisturizing and soft on the lips, which I prefer.

I will say, a thing that I for sure did notice with this one is a difference in pigmentation. The last one felt fairly close but this one feels rather different. On my top lip is the Essence and the bottom is the Lipstick Queen, you can see a pretty clear difference between the two I think. They never really evened out, the Essence one was brighter the whole time.

Overall, I do not think that these are exact dupes for one another but I do think that these are close enough that you don’t really need both. I prefer the Lipstick Queen one but I’m not sure I would have purchased that one if the Essence ones had existed.

What dupes do you want to see put to the test in the future?


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